What can you do to improve business performance?

As the boss you juggle, delivering what you do and getting paid come first and then there's sales, marketing, people, red tape and admin. But growing your business is important.

Most business owners spend time and money on sales and marketing; websites, sales people, newsletters, social media and more...

Most don't make the time or cannot create content. Which equals no marketing. Without content you have all the costs and get very little back in return. At best, lead generation and conversion is selling to strangers, but there is a much better way to grow a business.

What are your priorities for 2017?

How many times have you been asked about your New Years' resolutions? It's one of those questions we ask at the beginning of every new year and by the end of the month they will never be heard of again. So this year instead we're asking; what are your priorities? What are you putting at the top of your 'to-do' list for 2017?

There are always things on our lists that are gradually pushed further and further down when something else comes up, but maybe this is the year you should focus on getting those activities ticked off.

The Zone of Indifference

If your customers are not singing your praises and shouting about your services; then it’s likely they’re stuck in the ‘Zone of Indifference’.

This zone is somewhere in-between being a hugely satisfied customer and a hugely dissatisfied customer. Until something brilliant happens to tip them out of the ‘zone’, towards being hugely satisfied, there is the risk that the customer will be looking elsewhere and at risk of moving their custom to a competitor. 

Part 3: Review and Improve

The final part of our series looks at using your customers feedback to make business decisions and improvements with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Part 2: Turning Customer Feedback into Content

In the second part of our series we look at how you can use the customer feedback you collected and turn it into powerful content that forms as a central part of your marketing strategy.

Part 1: Collect Some Feedback

In our 3-part series we look at how you can tackle the most common business issues head on. If you struggle to create unique content for your business and also want to know how to improve client satisfaction whilst increasing sales, then you definitely need to give this series a watch.