Enquir3 Audit Process

With our easy process, your business can simply enjoy immediate sales, referrals and powerful marketing content.

Most businesses start with a small scale 'audit' which;

  • Guides businesses on how and where to improve the business.
  • Identifies immediate cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
  • Shows your clients 'you care' and leads to referral opportunities.
  • Delivers longer term revenue streams through improved retention.
  • Creates the key customer stories to support the core business messages.

Carole Houston from Lytham St Annes

The Enquir3 Audit - What happens?


Your portal is created to facilitate the collection and distribution of customer generated content   We ask you to email your nominated contacts, using the templates provided   'Client Satisfaction Interviews' (CSI) are conducted on your behalf
You receive an email alert after each interview is completed   At the end of the process, collated results are prepared for review   Interested? Get in touch with us today to start your audit

Heather Start from Wood Green

If you are looking for increased sales, referral and marketing opportunities. Please get in touch to setup your initial audit for 10 clients.

If you’d like to find out a little more, then check out our detailed process guide and the technical stuff.

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