The Process

Here in our 3 part series, we look at how you can tackle two of the most common business issues; creating unique content and improving client satisfaction.

Step 1: Collecting Feedback

Start the process of contacting your customers to ask them for feedback. Before getting started make sure you have a structured process in place, with a constructive question set, a method of collecting the feedback and somewhere to hold and process the comments received.

Step 2: Turning Customer Feedback into Content!

Take your customer feedback and turn it into unque content that can be shared as part of your overall marketing strategy. Think about where this content will be posted and structure it in an appropriate format for the audience.

Step 3: Review and Improve Business Performance

Don't ignore the negative feedback you receive, take the opportunity to turn it into a business improvement exercise and look for suggestions about what you can do to improve your customers experience and increase their satisfaction.