90 Day Programme

If your business needs additional help / expertise to fully maximise the opportunities within your client base – Enquir3 can assist.

Many businesses find it difficult to answer all of these questions:

  1. Lead Generation: where do 80% of your leads come from?
  2. Conversion: how many of your appointments result in a ‘sale’?
  3. Cross Sales: when was the last time you performed a ‘gap analysis’?
  4. Purchase Frequency: what more could be done to ‘sell more often’?
  5. Life Time Value: what are you doing to keep your customers for as long as possible?
  6. Profitability: when was the last time you reviewed your product / service profitability?
  7. Referrals: they are the easiest source of new business, so why do only 11% of sales people ask?

Start with a no obligation business review using the ‘Enquir3 Business Growth Calculator’.

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Daniel was very inclusive and covered the topic well. He has inspired me to relook at our current systems in place.

Charity sector

I came on the workshop because it covered a very specific area of my business needs. Enquir3 were really knowledgeable and inspiring. I’m laving with lots of work to do but I know it will make a difference.

SME Business Owner

It’s not always about winning the new big contract / customer, there is huge potential and value in your existing customer base. It’s easy to forget to simply ask your customers what problems they experience and how you can help.. or have them feed back honestly on how they view you and what you can change. Easy to follow advice and tips, well tuned for sales and marketing professionals

Industrial Manufacturing

The session was insightful, it did provoke thought on how we relate and communicate with our customers. I took away information which I have now acted on. I am very pleased I attended the session and recommend it.

Sales Director
Marketing Agency
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