If your business needs additional help / expertise to fully maximise the opportunities within your client base – Enquir3 can assist.

Many businesses find it difficult to answer all of these questions:

  1. Lead Generation: where do 80% of your leads come from?
  2. Conversion: how many of your appointments result in a ‘sale’?
  3. Cross Sales: when was the last time you performed a ‘gap analysis’?
  4. Purchase Frequency: what more could be done to ‘sell more often’?
  5. Life Time Value: what are you doing to keep your customers for as long as possible?
  6. Profitability: when was the last time you reviewed your product / service profitability?
  7. Referrals: they are the easiest source of new business, so why do only 11% of sales people ask?

Start with a no obligation business review using the ‘Enquir3 Business Growth Calculator’.

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