Addressing an untapped market

Most Business Owners / Managers have little or no formal business training and are hungry for good advice and guidance to move their business forward.

Business owners looking to sustain and grow their business are seeking advice and guidance which is cost effective and has a positive impact on their business. 

Sources of reliable Business Growth Advice are limited, (i.e. consistency in terms of quality or process).

Whether part of consulting organisations, groups, networks or work as individual consultants, there is generally very sparse consistency in terms of process or delivery of consistent outcomes.

Business Owners want and expect more help and support from their accountant to help them grow and prosper.

Research undertaken on behalf of the accounting profession reveals that 30% of business owners are not satisfied with the quality of the communication they receive, and 27% highlight poor ‘value for money’ as a concern.

Nearly 1 in 5 business owners state, unprompted, that they want and expect more proactive advice from their Accountant than they are receiving at present.

Accountants are supremely well placed to offer Business Growth Advice.  For their clients they enjoy ‘Most Trusted Advisor’ status…  but most accountants lack the time, knowledge and systems needed to deliver Business Growth Advice as a paid for service for clients.

Tapping into this demand is easier than you think

  • Create a Profit Centre to deliver ‘Added Value’ to clients, an enhanced ‘Practice USP’.
  • Establish a proactive ‘Client Satisfaction, Retention & Growth Process’ to enhance Client Referrals.
  • Increase Client Engagement and New Client Acquisition*.

*If your practice had an ever-increasing number of clients paying you for ‘Business Growth Advice’ only, they would obviously start out working with a competitive practice for their compliance, tax planning etc.  As your relationship with your Business Growth clients develops, how many would take up your accountancy services as well?

A smart accountant should always seek to add real and perceived value to the service their clients receive in order to minimise pressure on fee income through technology and competition.  Delivering Added Value as an integrated, long-term scalable, repeatable and sustainable programme to acquire and develop more of the right sort of clients, is not just smart, it will become increasingly business critical in years to come.

You want higher fee-paying clients using more of your services and you want to win business cost-effectively.

We offer a new, untapped income stream, to add to your traditional accounting services.

Note that the top four accountancy company’s KPMG, EY (Ernst & Young) PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) and Deloittes now generate more fee revenue from consulting/business advice than from audit services. (Source)

Your clients want you to help them run a more profitable businesses – find out how to move from ‘Service Provider’ to ‘Trusted Advisor’.

Arrange your free, no obligation, confidential review to discover how to improve client retention and increase fee income. Call now on 0207 100 5180 or email for a call back.

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