Interviewing your clients is the first step to stronger client relationships.

Your customers will expect something to happen…

What should you do next?

Say ‘thank you’, perhaps surprise them with a small gift, fill revenue gaps by exploring opportunities for upsell and cross sell, seek out referrals, use the valuable ‘social proof’ through your sales and marketing activities, and much more.

You may have the resources to do all the above. If not, Enquir3 can help.

Explore the options below. Any questions please let us know.

Client Engagement

What do your clients really care about. Are they going to stick around and make referrals?

Case Studies

Tell the stories and create the evidence you need to secure new business in your target markets

Video Testimonials

Establish your ‘social proof’ and tell your story to a wider audience via Video Testimonials

Content Distribution

Get your content working for you. Save time and effort by automating your marketing.

So What Workshop

The most efficient way to ensure you are ‘on message’ and focused on client needs.


A fully supported programme with an Enquir3 Client Engagement specialist.

Web Developers

A suite of Client Engagement tools to enhance website content and ‘social proof’

SEO Content Package

If SEO is important to your business this will deliver ‘fresh and relevant’ content

So what should you do?

  • As a minimum… send an email or make a call to say ‘THANK YOU’.
  • Consider sending a gift. Create a ‘talking point’ for a later conversation.
  • Share their comments and request permission to publish online.
  • Add the testimonial with your own comments to your website.
  • Share on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • Create a news item / case study to support your sales & marketing activities.
  • Make sure everything you do links back to your own and your clients website.
  • Share what you have done (ensure you have your clients permission).
  • FOLLOW UP use the feedback to make positive business decisions.
  • Take the opportunity to ask for referrals.
  • Introduce additional products, services or promotions appropriate to your client

Do you need further support to maximise the opportunity? Read more here

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