Becoming Referral Ready & Referral Partnerships

It's good to talk but even better to listen.

Do you know what your customers are saying about your business?

We are passionate about helping businesses large and small to be better.   We now offer high impact one day Business Improvement Workshops aimed as making your business more profitable and easier to run.

Unlike other ‘Systems’ or ‘Programmes,’ as you are not expected to pay a fortune for a set of manuals and a business process – we simply want to help business owners spend less time firefighting and focus their efforts on improving overall business performance

Achieving Client Delight and Marketing Automation

Most businesses receive word of mouth referrals but they do not have a systematic referral process.  The referrals they receive are neither targeted nor scalable.  In 100% of cases the Enquir3 Client Engagement Audit has identified dissatisfied clients whose issues were previously unknown.

Engaging effectively with clients in an appropriate manner will position a business to enable them to tap into a source of unlimited new clients that are a perfect match for the business whilst at the same time, identifying and removing the causes of Client Dissatisfaction.

It starts with a low cost Client Satisfaction Audit from which various activities need to be undertaken in order to make the business Referral Ready – at which stage internal and external Referral Partnerships can be established.

... becoming Referral Ready and forming systematic Referral Partnerships

The process starts with the Audit - a number of Client Satisfaction Interviews, (CSI).  Depending on the outcome of the Audit, Client Satisfaction Interviews will continue and the process of putting the ‘output’ to work for the business can commence, i.e. the Client Satisfaction Interview Plus, (CSI+).

Note:  This is typically achieved in small steps over several months, as trust builds and management discover their staff either cannot or will not perform the various tasks in house.

1. Telephone Based Client Satisfaction Audit

Complete an audit of your clients which can guide business owners and managers on where to improve the business, identify immediate cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and shows your clients 'you care', leading to referral opportunities. You can find out more about the Enquir3 Audit and how the process works here

2. Client Engagement - Maximise Referrals, Cross Sales and Marketing Content (CSI+)

Engage with your clients following the initial audit. Following up activities can include; Send an unexpected gift to thank the client, send a personalised email requesting permission to publish testimonials (Publication is highly automated using the Enquir3 plug in API), email to confirm publication and follow up to request referrals & cross sales.

3. Business Issues/ Dissatisfaction 'Drivers' - Improving Client Satisfaction

Unhappy clients and the causes of their dissatisfaction will be identified.  Simply speaking to the client proves you care and you take their feedback seriously.  The relationship gets stronger and perception of the business improves immediately resulting in improved retention!  Causes of dissatisfaction can be selectively eliminated from the business over time.

4. Business Communications for Client and Prospects - Creating and Using Marketing Content

On average 65% of clients interviewed are happy to provide a mini case study comprising of a summary of themselves, their needs, the solution, the services supplies and words of recommendation. This delivers a steady stream of highly relevant, interesting content to add to the company and website social media - enabling the use of highly targeted email marketing.

5. Who do we sell to? What keeps them awake at night? Why use us?

If this information is not clear in all marketing media it is unlikely that staff will be ‘on message,’ with a corresponding negative impact on conversion rates.  Conversion in this instance is not only new business, it is also cross selling and perhaps more importantly; maximising referral rates.

6. 'Referral Ready' - Internal and external referral partnerships

With the above in place, it is relatively easy to systematically identify and be recommended to prospective clients.  The process can be refined to ensure an exact match to the companies ‘ideal client profile’.  There are two types of Referral Partnership, internal and external - being ‘Referral Ready’ is a pre-requisite:

  1. Referral Ready:    It is difficult for existing clients and third parties to make introductions.  Word of Mouth Referrals are untargeted, uncontrolled and are not scalable.  The first step, that of becoming ‘Referral Ready’ is achieved by completing the steps outlined above.
  2. Internal Referrals:    Getting your clients to systematically refer you into their own clients.
    Identify and work with your ‘happy’ clients, those who deliver a good or excellent service and whose own clients match your ‘ideal prospect profile’.  Then setup Internal Referral Partnerships that can be totally managed by Enquir3 acting for both companies.
  3. External Referrals:    Getting non-clients to systematically refer you into their clients.
    Enquir3 are already managing this process on behalf of other companies.  These companies are keen to establish ‘External Referral Partnerships’ with others, where there is a good match.