Key questions for your practice

Are your clients happy with the service they receive?

Would they refer your services to others?

Or are they looking elsewhere?

Xero | Accountancy Age survey of 1,500 businesses

Enquir3 Accounting Sector Review 2019/20 | Survey of 1,850 business owners

Benchmarking Your Practice

Take those referral opportunities

  • What percentage of your clients would recommend your services?
  • Do you have a repeatable process for generating referrals?
  • How to you manage those who are unhappy…. do you know who they are?

Tell your unique story
Get those client stories working for you. Use these to build compelling ‘case studies’ which make you the obvious choice to support their business.

Don’t Be Complacent

How consistent is your client experience?
Do you know which clients might be tempted elsewhere?
Recognise the ‘concerns’ and tell clients you have acted on them.

How do you compare?

Benchmark yourself against the industry average for:

  • Overall service delivery – are you on top of the ‘basics’?
  • Perception of ‘Value Added’ – are you offering proactive advise and support?
  • Quality of communications – is your style and frequency ‘on message’?
  • Consideration / Helpful – are you good to work with?
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