Case Study: Avensure

About Avensure:

HR, Employment Law, Health and Safety Advice typically becomes a priority when there is a problem.  Avensure’s clients take a more proactive approach. Sorting out the ‘basics’ of contracts and working practises ensures they operate more efficiently, enjoy better client relationships AND they never face any risk of financial loss in the event of an industrial tribunal.

Why did Avensure turn to Enquir3 for help? 

Avensure knew they were running a tight ship with lots of positive client feedback and a really professional motivated team. They wanted to be sure their clients were not just happy. Delighted clients will gladly pay for the service, they don’t go elsewhere and above all they become passionate advocates of the business.  This means they refer others which is undoubtedly the most lucrative source of new business.

What did Enquir3 do for Avensure?

Avensure commissioned a ‘Client Satisfaction Audit’.  Enquir3 interviewed a sample of Avensure’s clients and identified the overwhelming majority of were not just happy, they were clearly delighted.  For most businesses this would be good enough, but not for Avensure, they were determined to go much further.  The question was simple – “how do we add even more value, prove we really care and really nurture our client relationships?”

Avensure now systematically identify the ‘little things’ which cause dissatisfaction and eliminate them from the business whilst continuously ‘monitoring’ to identify any reoccurrence.  

“What started out as a ‘Client Satisfaction’ project, almost immediately became a highly productive business development process.  We never miss an opportunity to address any issues and help our clients which is great for relationships, but best of all… client referrals have increased dramatically, our most lucrative source of new business bar none, and it is about to get a whole lot better.

Allowing a third party to interview our clients and addressing concerns raised was a little uncomfortable at first, but the results are superb.  Our clients continually share things with Enquir3 that they don’t share with my team.  Working with Enquir3 means we spend less time firefighting and our sales team spend much more time working with referred business.”

Services Enquir3 delivered to Avensure:

  • Client Engagement Audits – The Client Satisfaction Interviews => Monitoring and Control System.
  • Client Engagement Process – Delivering increased referrals resulting in free marketing content.
  • Client Communication Automation – To streamline and enhance communications with clients.
  • Refining the ‘Core’ Offering – Facilitation to clarify the value offering and create sales collateral.
  • Referral Partnership Management – These are being established right now

“It’s fantastic, my staff deal with the customers and the referrals, whilst Enquir3 do literally everything else. I only wish I had known about this sooner, working with Enquir3 was a superb business decision."

Chris Garner (Managing Director)