Client Engagement Audit

Do you know the strength of your client relationships? Delighted clients are highly ‘engaged’, refer more and will purchase more, but some will be ‘dis-engaged’, disloyal and damaging your business reputation. Do you know which of your clients are unhappy with some aspect of your service? It’s a common business concern which often goes unanswered as marketing continues to focus on attracting new clients.

Did you know? The average business loses 19.8% of their clients each year.

(Source: Royal Mail , Insight Report)

What is the Client Engagement Audit?

The Client Engagement Audit (CEA) puts the focus back on your clients and what they really think about your business. Engaging with them through the CEA unlocks invaluable information about their experience when dealing with your business. Highlighting areas for improvement, growth and in some cases, preventing them from leaving. The output gives you a stream of testimonials to use across your marketing activities and to populate your website with, this can be taken even further with our additional services which include; video creation, case studies and workshops.

Your online portal is configured for the collection and moderation of feedback.

Email template provided to advise your clients their feedback is valued and to expect our call

Your clients are interviewed. Their feedback is captured within your online portal.

‘Real time’ notification for each interview – immediately address opportunities / risks.

Weekly status update on the progress of the interviews.

Our expert team will review your output to ensure you generate the maximum opportunity.

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