So What? Workshop (Now via Zoom)

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Now available for teams up to 6 using Zoom – 1 Hour Facilitated Workshop + 30 Minute Follow-up

Cost: Pay what you feel its worth, when you can.

Is your marketing ‘on message’, are you missing out?

Do you talk about your clientstheir problems, their opportunities and how they will benefit?

  • Clearly identify and ‘talk to’ the clients you serve best.
  • Talk about them, their problems, challenges and opportunities.
  • Use their terminology not yours.
  • Show how you solve their problems or realise their opportunities.
  • Use relevant examples of how they could benefit, get other clients to ‘tell the story’.

The So What? Workshop© is a highly participatory group exercise where everyone has an important role to play. ‘Buy In’ is key to increasing leads, conversion and sales to both existing and new clients.

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