David Mack

David describes himself as a 'Growth Partner and Change Agent'. By building on his own life experience he set up his own business acting as a coach, mentor and consultant and has helped 100's of business owners to develop themselves and their business. 

David was invited to be the lead in the Sight Care Optical Evolution programme. This successful programme has helped many Optical practices better understand their values and purpose and helped them to go on and realise their potential. 

David started his career in the Royal Air Force serving as a Communications specialist - one role as Officer Commanding Space Squadron saw him responsible for worldwide communications by managing the UK and Nato Satellite fleet. He was headhunted by Heathrow Airport to set up a new Engineering department in Ground Operations and was also responsible for a major Change Programme for BAA.   Looking for a change he took on a role as Head of Centre at a 300 Bedded Activity Centre and secured £3M to develop the facilities to ensure the centre delivered the highest standards of Customer Service.  

“David Mack was a true professional, very good and very liked. Everyone was extremely happy with the staff training he provided. It was brilliant!”

Theresa O’Sullivan, Operations Manager at London PR Agency, Simpatico PR Ltd

“Having spent almost 30 years in Sales, Marketing and General Management, I have attended many courses and experienced a wide range of training skills and styles. David Mack is right up there with the best. His professional and inclusive approach is engaging, entertaining and thought provoking, whilst ensuring that his audience 'gets it'. A highly qualified trainer and presenter, at the top of his game. Highly recommended!”

Bill Branagh, Principal Consultant, Independent Management Consulting Professional


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