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Enquir3 API

The Enquir3 API can be used to integrate the feedback and case study functionality into a website.

Click on each of the features below to find out more about it and how it can be displayed.

Please note that you will require a Feedback /TPP site for the API to operate, manage the fields and to moderate and manage the feedback. Enquir3 will provide full details of your Feedback / TPP site. The code required for the API to function is unique to your Feedback / TPP site and obtained from the Feedback / TPP site – please see the user guide – latest copy available on the support page (link below).

We do supply optional base styling to use. However, the API is there for you to style the componants you want to display to match your current website.

If you would prefer to use ‘API end points’ please see further details here.

Feedback Form

Embed the feedback form on a website

Feedback Rating

Display a summary of the star ratings the company has received

Feedback Performance

Display a summary of how a companies performance has been rated

Feedback Summary

Display a summary of the number of customers who have given feedback

Feedback In-content

Embed testimonials within the content of your pages

Feedback Page

Include a page on the website that displays all feedback left by customers

Feedback Landscape Scroller

Display feedback in a scrolling landscape block

Feedback Portrait Scroller

Display feedback in a portrait position with scrolling

Feedback Landscape Block

Display feedback in a landscape position, without scrolling

Feedback Portrait Block

Display feedback in a portrait position, without scrolling

Case Study In-Content

Embed case studies within content areas of a website

Case Study List Page

Embed a display of all case studies on a website

Case Study Landscape Scroller

Display case studies on a website in a landscape position that are scrolling

Case Study Portrair Scroller

Display case studies in a scrolling portrait position

Case Study Landscape Block

Display case studies in a landscape position. Non-scrolling

Case Study Portrait Block

Display case studies in a portrait position. Non-scrolling