Enquir3 Feedback Plugin Suite of Tools

An easy to install complete suite of WordPress plugins to help you retain customers and make contact with prospects.

The ideal way to show how much your customers value your business.  Using client feedback captured through client interviews, email submissions and webforms. The suite enables you to obtain feedback, generate case studies and request referrals.

Simple configuration with the option to fully tailor to suit the styling of your website.

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Presents feedback and ratings
Displays case studies on your website
Obtain referrals for your business
Customisable to fit into your website
Responsive across all devices
Simple to use with shortcodes & widgets

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Enquir3 Testimonial Plugin

Take a look at the plugins in use on our Demo website and find out more about how the plugins work

About the Different Plugins

Each of the Enquir3  plugins can be installed on your WordPress website.  All features can be managed from within your website using your normal access with all data being securely held on our servers. Each plugin can be styled to match your site and have numerous options and attributes to enable some customisation.

The Feedback Plugin enables you to obtain feedback and views from your customers regarding your organisation. You have control over what is published on your website. You can display published and promoted feedback using a dedicated page created by the plugin. There are various widgets for you to display summary statistics and samples of the most recent feedback in static or scrolling formats. The plugin has predetermined short-codes to enable you to easily  add updated feedback into existing pages within your site.

The Case Studies Plugin enable your business to display case studies provided by your customers. Case Studies can be created without initial feedback using the template / form provided with the plugin. Where there is feedback obtained by the Feedback plugin, then this has a feature to start to create a case study and auto-populate many of the fields. Case studies can be styled to suite your website. They are displayed on a specific page created by the plugin and you can also employ optional widgets to display the latest case studies in both static and scrolling formats. Case studies can be placed within existing page content using the provided short-codes. Case studies are fully manged within your website and there are many features you can use to customise what is displayed.

The Referral Plugin that complements the Feedback plugin.  The Feedback plugin asks is the person providing the feedback is happy to recommend / refer your organisation. If the answer is yes, then just by ticking a box when moderating the feedback, the referral process will be started. You can offer rewards to both the referrer and referred parties. The referrer will only get the reward if the referred claims their reward.  The plugin produces all the forms and emails  that are required. The plugin can be styled to match your website and there are features that you can customise to suit your requirement.

Manual for Enquir3 Feedback Suite

Please note this is a draft copy and subject to change

Date Added: Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Download Manual: Enquir3 Feedback Plugins: Enquir3 Feedback Case Study & Referral Plugin v4.1

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