Enquir3 Programme Delivery Workshop

The ‘Progamme Delivery Workshop’ is delivered as an interactive facilitated workshop by two experienced Business Advisors whose task is to answer any questions and where-ever possible use real world examples and true ‘stories’ to help you avoid the pitfalls that might otherwise ‘kill’ a completely viable first client engagement.

Training plus Implementation Guides & Mentoring, for only £697* +VAT

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Learning by doing, or perhaps more accurately ‘learning from your mistakes’ is an option but is not the smartest or most financially prudent strategy as mistakes, especially early in the relationship with a new client undermine confidence, introduce delays and compromise the results for everyone.

The Enquir3 Programme has evolved, developed and been refined over the course of the last 5 years.

Whilst every effort has been made to document everything the Business Advisor needs to know within the ‘Operations Manuals’ it is impossible to cater for all eventualities.  It is also impossible to identify the ‘critical’ from the ‘important’ when you read the text because something that is critical for one type of business may not be relevant to another.

Who should attend?
Anyone who wants to maximise the probability of success with their first clients and anyone who wishes to be considered as ‘referral ready’ to work with any of the Enquir3 accountant partners or clients. 

What will I get out of attending?
Having read the manuals you will inevitably have questions, your questions will be answered and the scenarios expanded on.  You will end the day with a greater degree of competence and confidence, two essential ingredients for both acquiring and retaining clients and delivering a successful 1st deployment which is a pre-requisite if you are to be recommended to others.

What happens on the day?
The Business Improvement Programme Training Workshops are held at various locations and unless otherwise advised start at 0900 concluding at 1700.  Delegates are encouraged to arrive at 0830 bringing manuals and any notes with them.  The workshop includes a great deal of interaction and attendees are encouraged to have a potential client ready to work with so much of the discussion will focus around real scenarios.

What happens afterwards and how does the money back guarantee work?
Enquir3 have a standard policy for all workshops and paid for training, if by lunch time you conclude that you are not receiving overwhelming value for money simply say so and your money will be refunded in full, simple as that.

Those who attend the Business Improvement Programme Training are advised to commit to at least two months of mentoring to help them consolidate their new learning and to quickly achieve ‘expert’ status.

Training plus Implementation Guides & Mentoring, for only £697* +VAT
Comes with a 100% money back guarantee

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