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Achieving sustainable growth calls for a focus on existing clients, most businesses struggle with this. The Enquir3 Business Improvement Programme ensures your business is focussed on the things which really matter to your clients. If they matter to your clients they will also be important to your prospects.

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What would your customers say?

  • Accountant… retained client in the process of leaving, generated fee income of £130,000 over 2 years (ROI, 3714:1)
  • Furniture retailer… client stated ‘we could double / triple what we do with you from £20k to £60k per month’.
  • Telecoms provider… upsold to 20% of clients interviewed. Increase in annual  revenue with each client 225%.
  • Financial services provider… identified client prepared to pay additional £6k per annum on retainer.
  • Manufacturer… discovered 6 out of 10 clients were unaware of most the maintenance services the company offers.
  • Construction company… discovered 80% of their marketing was aimed at sectors who never purchased anything.

The Enquir3 Programme is a three step process delivering Client Retention, Cross Sales, Referrals and Marketing Content.

Step 1:   Discover What Clients Really Feel About Your Business ++
Step 2:   Increasing Client Engagement, Client Satisfaction, Cross Sales and Referrals ++
Step 3:   Maximising Client Engagement, Client Satisfaction, Cross Sales and Referrals ++

Every business is different, but the following apply to every successful business:

  • Clients - the right type, i.e. with a need, and money to profitably pay for the service.
  • High levels of client satisfaction (or very low levels of client dissatisfaction).
  • Efficient and effective operations delivered in a consistent and repeatable manner.
  • A cost effective way to acquire new clients that fit the ‘ideal client profile’.
  • If you wish to grow, the capacity to deal with increased demand.

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