Customers comment on the Enquir3 Business Improvement Programme

Below you will find a handful of comments from customers using the Enquir3 process and associated technology - find more here.

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"The Customer Care Programme is a really good tool to identify how the clients see us - what we are doing well, but more importantly how we can improve."

Shabeer Yousuf - Shipleys Tax Advisors

"The ease and simplicity of the Audit is the best part about the service. I was only required to provide brief contact details and the rest was done for me, saving me both time and effort on an important task that usually sits at the bottom of  my to-do list. Initially I was slightly nervous about another company contacting my clients and how they would be dealt with, but I needn't have worried, the approach and process was good and reassuring"

Anne O'Reilly - Results 360

"Enquir3 made it really easy to use the Customer Care Programme, which was great and probably the key thing for us. The feedback was good and useful to know. It was also nice to get some positive vibes in the office for our staff. One or two things that came out meant that we could go back to our clients and have more dialogue, which made discussing new business a lot easier."

Heather Start, Gemelli Employee Benefits

"The best thing about the Customer Care Programme is the fact that it is interactive with real dialogue,  not just web-based. The results were enlightening, and it enabled us to see that some of our more critical clients were failing to see the bigger picture, meaning that we can go back to them and explain the process further, thereby increasing their understanding and satisfaction in our work for them."

Martyn Keates - Keates & Co

"The Customer Care Programme gave me an insight into my business and what my clients thought of me. As a result of the feedback, I'm changing my name, website, charges and growing my business! I would highly recommend Enquir3 (and have done already)."

Sue Wright - SJW Accountancy

"The reaction of my customers to the calls made by Enquir3 for the Customer Care Programme was very positive - they were not put under pressure in any way. Enquir3 did exactly what was promised, delivered what was promised and it was all very well done."

Jim Scott - Jim Scott Coaching

"Great approach delivering real customer insights. It's clear that a proactive approach to gathering feedback from out customers will deliver a stream of referrals."

Rob Purdie - Isibuko se-Africa

"Extraordinarily proactive service.
Did what you promised to do do, and did it with creativity & flair.
Extremely EDGY service ( i.e. Exemplary, Distinctive, Generous, You-focussed)..."

Julia Rhodes - West London Colonics

"...Overall, I love the system and I 100% agree with the value of the surveys, and the cross-selling and referral opportunities that arise from them... Everyone is very genuine, with no hard-sell - all in all a very collaborative approach and I'm very interested in working with you."

Neil O'Brien - Quantum Business Solutions

"The presentations at the Enquir3 Introducers Seminar worked well, with three different presenters and covered a lot of detail. The system tools provide the means to get in front of people as a good ice-breaker to start doing business and then up-sell other services. I look forward to implementing new processes as I introduce this system to my clients."

Peter Boulton - In Time Profit

"A most useful and very informative approach which provides a detailed appreciation and highly practical application of the business development opportunities arising from client feedback and online reputation-based marketing activities. It will be an eye-opener to many who may not have realised both the fundamental importance and commercial benefits that become apparent..."

Jon Hepburn - Fedora Consultancy

"The workshop laid out the whole client improvement programme process in an easy to understand, logical and comprehensive manner. Notable was the link between outputs and outcomes, i.e how to employ client feedback in strategic and tactical planning and how this can lead directly to increasing bottom line profits and shareholder value."

Peter Lisney - Camrox

"The Enquir3 6 Step Workshop involved a very open discussion, in which the presenters were very forthright about all the details that make up this process. There is no doubt about the amount of imagination, thought and innovation that has gone into it the whole idea. It taps into an immediate need of most businesses to talk to their clients and find out what they really think of them..."

Paul Radziwill - Modular Marketing

Quite simply the Enquir3 ‘Customer Care Programme’ is the most innovative, easy to set-up and most effective generator of customer feedback I have ever come across. I now have clients who are developing their business as a result of this opportunity. My clients are able to get a quick snapshot of what their customers really think and then they fund consulting to use the positive feedback for marketing purposes and the negative feedback to improve their business. If  a new potential client is unsure whether or not to commit to a full consultancy programme I suggest they use the Customer Care Programme to see what, if anything, they need to do to develop their business.

Simon Johnson - Kingswood Concepts

"What I liked most about the Enquir3 6 Step Workshop, was the system that has been developed to collect and process the feedback. I am particularly interested in finding out more about the referral side, because that's what I specialise in..."

Jason Hagar - Asentiv

"Very well delivered, informative day. I was able to directly relate the information to my own business, prompting changes in our procedures for customer care."

Carly Donovan - RED Virtual Office

The best thing for me was the openness and credibility it gives you, having feedback there and then for everyone to see. I'm not from an events background, so I have no certificates to wave - all I have is peoples feedback... Enquir3 has exceeded all my expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Nichola Howard - Launch Events

"The Customer Care Programme was very valuable in increasing the understanding of my clients perception of our service. This allowed me to follow up the feedback received and discuss it with my client thereby increasing their awareness of our value-adds and assisting with client retention."

Paul Green - NN Connect

"The Customer Care Programme brings more focus to our organisation. It allows us to praise staff's great customer service, thereby increasing office morale, as well as highlighting any service issues. A few of our clients have suggested that tracking our deliveries would be helpful and whilst we thought this may be the case, we now KNOW this to be the case, so we are actively working to be able to offer this..."

Mark Galliano - Teknik Office

"Enquir3 have a really great process and the feedback from my clients is that they really enjoyed the experience. They were contacted for feedback by somebody that was mature, intelligent and that they could relate to. I think the Customer Care Programme is brilliant and Enquir3 made it very easy to initially engage - it was a no-brainer! I like the fact that there is more of a process later on, it's not just about customer care and there is clearly a good marketing strategy behind it..."

Jennifer Raines - Your Right Hand

"The in-depth quality of the feedback from the Customer Care Programme and the ease of use really stood out. The email updates, automatic feedback and weekly summary reports were very useful. The Programme has allowed me to understand my clients more and on this basis I have decided to split the business and branding, retaining a branding consultant in order to increase clarity on our specializations. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Customer Care Programme to anyone, and I will certainly be recommending it to all my clients."

Andrew Roberts - SSG Legal

"From when we gave Enquir3 the data, they just got on with it and it chugged away in the background without us having to worry about it. The Customer Care Programme gave us a really good insight into our clients views and confirmed that as a business we're heading in the right direction. We will be personally recommending that our clients use the same process."

Brendan O'Hagan - Smile Colour Printing

"I attended a workshop on the Client Satisfaction Improvement process held in Birmingham. It was very professional with a systematic structured approach. Focused towards real businesses in the real world which now improves my 'toolbox' when dealing with clients. Would highly recommend attendance for any Director wanting to improve any aspect of their business..."

Keith Henesey - Hospitality Advisor

The Enquir3 6 Step Workshop was overall a very good day. I shall be recommending this workshop to my network of Business Advisors and the programme to my select number of clients.  

Ray Watson - ITCP

If you advise business and / or deliver any form of business development consulting, then you need to give the Customer Care Programme very serious consideration.  If you have clients and an established business, you will want to introduce the CCP to all of your clients.  If you don’t have enough clients, you will want to join us.

Russell Streeter - Excelsior