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I think for us the biggest thing that stood out was how useful it was to do the exercise; often we get some good feedback from our clients and we always ask them to do feedback forms, so we're used to getting good feedback, but it was good to get some things to improve on as well because that's the feedback people often don't give on a normal feedback form; they'll give the good bits but rarely the stuff to do better so that's useful for us. One of the biggest changes we made was to make me take on the role of Client Services. Before we were trying to get feedback from clients but there was no one person responsible for doing that; off the back of that feedback we restructured the business and made sure that all of our clients would get a quarterly review, and that they were made aware that, off the back of their feedback, we would be making changes to ensure they receive an even better service. If we do it again Enquir3 will be the only ones we'd go to.
ReplyEmma, thank you for your extremely positive feedback.
Name:Emma Kersey
Job Title:Head of Growth & Client Services
Company:Elation Experts
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Customer Care Programme, Marketing & Sales, Client Engagement
Working with Enquir3 has proved invaluable to the development and strengthening of our ongoing client relationships. The ‘client engagement’ process we adopted with the support of Enquir3 has delivered significant value and opened up new service opportunities with our clients. Independent feedback is essential to us, we need to know where we have exceeded expectation and more importantly where there is any potential to improve. To know that 100% of our clients would recommend us and that we have a 98% overall satisfaction score boosts our confidence when prospecting and supported us in winning the Brilliance Award for Customer Service. Evidence that we are doing a great job and feeding this back into the team have proved hugely beneficial in our internal communications. Throughout our relationship the Enquir3 team has been supportive in offering ideas and guidance and consistently demonstrated the ability to engage with our clients in a professional way. I would recommend Enquir3 to other professional service providers, I would say this is essential for those who are seeking to genuinely demonstrate a desire to work in a long term relationship with their clients
Name:Jackie Blaker
Job Title:Managing Director
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Customer Care Programme
We at EDC were looking to gain some customer feedback as we are growing and wanted to understand where we are situated in the customers mindset. We required honest feedback that would allow us to take a step back and review and recalculate to go forward and further. Equir3 were recommended to us by one of our mentors at Quantum and we haven’t regretted this in the slightest. From the initial introductory call to the follow up call, Daniel was very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. Niki was also very efficient and thorough in her correspondence and consistent information. We would rate the process 5 out of 5 as we were inexperienced to collating this type of data and Enquir3 made this a very comprehensive and easy project. We were given the itinerary and the process involved and all the parts both we and Enquir3 play. We were given the verbiage to contact our clients in advance of being contacted by Enquir3. Our clients were contacted in a timely fashion and were given the time to speak through our Delivery, Value for Money, our ability to help, our communication and any improvements they would suggest. This gave our clients the time to speak openly and honestly to Enquir3 and gather important feedback for us which has proved invaluable. We would not have gained this insight without Enquir3 and with the weekly updates we were always kept informed. We orchestrated follow up calls with the clients to discuss the feedback and, on many occasions mentioned Jo and how polite, considerate, and professional she was to speak to. The level of communication is remarkable and such a unique opportunity for us to seek this important feedback so we could only rate this 10/10. We look forward to working with Enquir3 again and know we are in good hands.
Name:Client details withheld
Job Title:Executive Assistant
Company:EDC Engineers
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit
Thanks once again for an excellent presentation to our members this morning on Client Engagement. We have been running this club for 20 years and it is always good to see members hanging on your every word - I have had several requests for the slides as an aide-memoir - so well done and thank you .
Name:Mike Ogilvie
Company:X5 Chartered Accountants
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Webinars / Workshops
The session was insightful, it did provoke thought on how we relate and communicate with our customers. I took away information which I have now acted on. I am very pleased I attended the session and recommend it.
Name:Darren Moffat
Job Title:Sales Director
Company:Sound Marketing
Service(s) Provided: Webinars / Workshops
I think the value for us is the fact that we've been able to quantify the value of work that we're delivering, and also get some completely independent, unfettered feedback, so we get some home truths that perhaps wouldn't be delivered to us directly. This has meant that we've been able to put some of those snippets of information into awards that we've entered for customer service, and we won the Brilliance Award for Customer Service,and we were able to use quite a lot of data collected by Enquir3 to do that. We've also been able to feed back to our team about how we're doing as a business and how people feel about the service we provide, and the service of team members, so it's been valuable for internal communication, reassured us where we were doing well, as well as highlighted any problems arising that we weren't fully aware of, and also a bit of a wake up where there were niggles we weren't aware of. We also hoped it might highlight opportunities which we haven't had as much, but it's helped us see where we can do better with our client relationships and what we can do to help them.
Name:Catherine Jenkins
Job Title:Director
Company:Maxx Design
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement
The service provided by Enquir3 was open, friendly, quick and well described. I've got some good testimonials, reassured myself that customers I thought were happy are happy, and I know I can use those testimonials to good advantage going forwards. I really like the video Enquir3 produced and would like to use it on my website and marketing. I was impressed by the speed with which this was carried out, and the professional approach and results. I would be happy to use Enquir3's services again in the future.
Name:Carl Kruger
Job Title:Director
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Client Engagement
Good communication on progress throughout - very clear summaries to understand the feedback received
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement
It's all very good. Enquir3 are very personable, and understanding with great attention to what our requirements were . We were confident that the project would be managed effectively so that we would be able to get the results that we require. Now we have a thorough understanding of what our customers think about stuff and we're able to use that data effectively for the benefit of the business. We are segmenting down our customers into bronze, silver and gold categories so that we can start to invest in our existing customer base as well as new business. It's all excellent. I can't fault it.
ReplyJo, many thanks for your extremely supportive feedback and comments on the overall Enquir3 process. We look forward to supporting you as you continue to develop your client engagement strategy.
Name:Jo Spry
Job Title:Marketing Manager
Company:SMARTech energy Ltd
Service(s) Provided:
For me it was very quick and efficient. I now have a good idea of what customers think and if there were any issues I would be notified so I could take corrective measures.
Name:Cliff Spolander
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement, Marketing & Sales
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