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I think the main thing was the way that Enquir3 got to grips with what we were trying to achieve, and advised on the structure of the call that we should make, and that sort of thing. Just getting the grasp of what we wanted. Everything worked to time; We got everything when it was scheduled and didn't have any delays which was good as well. Just getting some useful insight from our customers so that we can make changes to our service based on the result, which we have already put into action. I think it all worked very well. Having Enquir3 come in and present the reports to our team was good as well as it got the whole team engaged in the feedback.
ReplyThank you for providing us with your valuable feedback Rob. Rob Perks is Chief Executive of Inspire; the Wessex Association of Chamber of Commerce. Rob and the highly experienced and committed team at Inspire are dedicated to connecting and supporting businesses within their network. Their business strategies and events are of a very high standard and are extremely useful for companies with a desire to grow. Rob, thank you so much, your words of support and encouragement, are really appreciated.
Name:Rob Perks
Job Title:Chief Executive
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Webinars / Workshops
The client engagement process have proved extremely benefical. To have the statistics, to say that 91% of our customers are happy with our services, is great. That's a nice figure to bandy about. We've been able to use some quotes taken from our clients in testimonials or references. It's also highlighted areas of strength but also little niggles so we could make sure that people are happy with our service in it's entirety and that they're not just keeping their niggles to themselves.
ReplyThanks for your feedback Catherine, its highly appreciated by us all at Enquir3. Catherine Jenkins is the Business Development Director and owner of Maxx Design, a fantastic, multiple award winning digital creative design agency based in Berkshire. They have a team of seasoned experts who are clever, creative and will work side by side with you to get the results-driven marketing solutions that are the life-blood of your business. Catherine, thank you very much, your words of support and encouragement, are really appreciated.
Name:Catherine Jenkins
Company:Maxx Design
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Customer Care Programme
Fantastic Masterclass!The main thing I came away with was that, while marketing is important, we have lots of existing customers and we should spend time understanding what they want and need, and being more proactive in developing our relationships with them. I gained ideas as to how we can build our current relationship with our clients. If people have had really really bad service they'll tell you, or if they've had really really good service they'll say something, but the ones in the middle often don't bother, but if you talk to them it can be really good to get those insights. Thanks again.
ReplyThank you so much Chichi for your comments. We are so pleased to hear you thought the seminar was fantastic. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Name:Chichi Eruchalu
Job Title:Advisor
Company:Enterprise Nation
Service(s) Provided: Marketing and Sales, Business Advice, Marketing & Sales
Enquir3 Client Engagement Audit was simple to implement and proved hugely beneficial. The feedback provided great insight and it was also nice to get some positive vibes in the office for our staff. One or two improvement suggestions meant that we could go back to our clients and have more dialogue, which made discussing new business a lot easier.
ReplyThank you for your comments Heather, its very beneficial and rewarding for us to hear back from our clients. Heather Start is an employee benefits specialist and the Director of Gemelli Employee Benefits, who offer flexible, tax efficient ways to help employees and employers with in-house tailored Employee Benefits packages to suit culture and business objectives. Thank you again Heather, we really appreciate your words of support and encouragement.
Name:Heather Start
Job Title:-
Town:Wood Green
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Customer Care Programme, Referral Mastermind Groups, So What? Workshop
The whole Enquir3 process is pure genius. It is entirely logical and makes total sense. As soon as Burgis and Bullock have the full system operational with our testimonials and case studies working on our website, we aim to introduce it to our clients.” “Finding out what clients think, working to maximise retention, referrals and cross sales and automating ‘Marketing’ as far as possible is a total no brainer, I love it.
ReplySean Farnell is a Partner with Multi-award winning Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, Burgis & Bullock. Most accountants focus on financial history, Sean and the team at Burgis and Bullock focus on the future; the growth and prosperity of their clients. Sean, thank you so much, your words of support and encouragement, are really appreciated.
Name:Sean Farnell
Company:Burgis & Bullock
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Customer Care Programme
It was well organised. It was a great day, well worth attending I took lots away from the event. I think I came across four business systems that will help my business a great deal, but the main thing is it will help my business as it's helping other people's businesses be better which is a win win situation all around; it will create more business for the providers and for the clients it will help.
ReplyThank you so much Charles for your comments. We are so pleased to hear you thought the seminar well organised and was a great day. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Name:Charles McClelland
Job Title:Business Advisor
Company:ICON Business Solutuions
Service(s) Provided: Marketing and Sales, Business Advice
The presentations were good and I also think, from a personal perspective, the people in the room were of interest to me from a business relationships standpoint. I wanted to meet some new connections and learn a bit more, and I certainly achieved that.
ReplyThank you so much Robin for your comments. We are so pleased to hear you thought the presentations were good. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Name:Robin Thomson
Job Title:Business Development Director
Company:Clear Insurance
Town:Leamington Spa
Service(s) Provided: Marketing and Sales, Business Advice
I thought it was all very professional and the communication, mostly with Niki, was always very consistent; she was sending all of the emails, and the communications that I was promised all came on time. Everything was as per what I had been told; it was just the professionalism of the whole thing. There was no dropping the ball at all, about anything. I used Enquir3 on a recommendation, and advice, from John Green who recommended that I do it in order to get an insight into what our clients really thought of us, rather than making assumptions, and he had told me we would get that. I was sceptical at first because I didn't think I needed to ask them, but it was extremely useful as some of the insights were confirmations of what we do and how and why, but there were subtleties about the service and how we do it that we found enlightening, and that I don't think I would have found out about if we hadn't done it through a third party. The way in which it's benefited us is that John Green did a debrief with me in detail about honing in on the three to four absolutely key observations of our clients that came through, that we needed to take action about. He took me through it personally, so the benefit really was that I was then forearmed for my next meeting with those individuals. I obviously thanked them for taking part, but then had to acknowledge with them in our next meeting that I'd taken cognisance with their feedback and was able to debate with them on the points they felt needed attention; it exposed some strengths in many long term relationships which you don't get in day to day dealing as they're concerned with getting on with projects. You get more depth, especially with such a professionally conducted survey. A lot of people do Survey Monkey type things, but they don't really get to the crux at all. Certainly my clients were impressed with the depth, and the level of professionalism, that Enquir3 demonstrated in their interview technique.
Name:Ian Bennington
Job Title:Director
Company:Part Two Design
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit
Everything is so smooth and easy to do; I just have to send an email with details of who we want feedback from and it's just done. For the cases we've had it's been about the case studies for the BMG mastermind group. It's helped us to obtain the feedback that we needed from these clients in an impartial way so that we get an honest answer. In general everything has been pretty positive. The results confirm that what we're doing is the way people like it to be done.
Name:Mike Kilby
Job Title:Director
Service(s) Provided:
For us, it was a big decision relying on Enquir3 as a third party to engage directly with our clients and I was a bit skeptical to start with, but Dan put my mind at rest and we ended up getting some really fascinating feedback. On the whole, the comments were really positive, but there were also some improvement suggestions that were useful to go back to the team with. It made the negatives easy to discuss and the people have reacted better here because it wasn't me saying it, it was our clients, through an independent third party, so that was definitely more efficient. We are a manufacturer and work to the ISO9001 quality system standard, so how we book things in, schedule things for customers etc - we have a whole system for what we do and how we do it. In 2015, they added potential risk, which means we need to risk assess our internal and external potential risks as well. Part 9.1.2 details customer satisfaction - how you interact with clients and identify potential risk, so this ties in really well. So for example, an identifiable risk within customer bases might be poor delivery time, so you would need to have a strategy for improving that. As we're so busy, it's easy to get lost in the day to day running of the business, which makes this really valuable for highlighting what needs to be worked on. Every company that is ISO9001:2015 accredited needs to prove client satisfaction now, so this is a really efficient way of doing this.
Name:Duncan Game
Job Title:Managing Director
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit
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