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The depth, the detail, how well thought out the whole process is and the strategy for delivering everything is what really stands out for me. It isn’t wishy-washy. It is hard solid, factual stuff and it will work for any business regardless of size or sector. It worked well that there were 3 presenters. If it had been one presenter for the whole day it might have been hard work for both the presenter and the audience. I really got a huge amount out of the day, getting into the nitty gritty of the Enquir3 process. I knew what was going on at all times and by the end fully understood the enormous depth and breadth of the Enquir3 process.
Company CommentSimon Neath is an Accountant and Financial Controller with over 28 years’ experience helping businesses ranging from global multi-nationals to local SME’s, improve their business and financial performance. To get such positive feedback from an experienced financial and business expert is high praise indeed. Thank you, Simon, it’s great to know our day together was a success. Simon’s company, Tidy Numbers, treats their clients’ business as if it were their own, helping clients develop and thrive using effective financial systems and support. Simon advises and takes care of the finance side of his client’s business, whilst Enquir3 focus on client satisfaction to increase, referrals, cross sales and improve marketing. This makes Simon, Tidy Numbers and Enquir3 the perfect combination for any ambitious owner, keen to take their business to the next level. Steve Darnell - Director
Name:Simon Neath
Service(s) Provided: Customer Care Programme (CCP), Referral Mastermind Groups, Website Developers, Enquir3 Partners, Workshop (End User), Workshop (So What?)
The Enquir3 introductory seminar proved that this is a service that can be adapted in pitch depending on the needs and mindset of the prospect. I thought the flowchart was really good and helps demonstrate the process very clearly - absolutely cracking! The seminar venue was also good - lots of free parking and very good access from the M25, M4 and M40. I look forward to re-engaging with my clients and getting them on board with the Enquir3 processes.
Name:Peter Lisney
Service(s) Provided: Enquir3 Partners, Workshop (End User)
The Enquir3 Introductory Seminar gave me a better understanding of the whole system. There was a lot of information covered and so many different approaches to what you do. The main benefit is the opportunities that can arise from the surveys. Clients commissioning surveys know that they should be following up, but there's always a time issue and they quite often don't, so there is huge value in not only doing the groundwork to spot the opportunity in the first place, but also being able to offer the follow up and help them see the issues and opportunities that exist in their client base. It's very obvious that you need consultants to work with your clients, but it's also a very complimentary service for consultants to offer to their own clients too. Overall, I love the system and I 100% agree with the value of the surveys, and the cross-selling and referral opportunities that arise from them. It all makes sense and I'm very positive and optimistic about working with Enquir3 - there are so many differ
Company CommentMany thanks Neil, We look forward to working with you in 2017.
Name:Neil O'Brien
Service(s) Provided: Customer Care Programme (CCP), Enquir3 Partners
The presentations at the Enquir3 Introductory Seminar worked well, with three different presenters and covered a lot of detail. The system tools provide the means to get in front of people as a good ice-breaker to start doing business and then up-sell other services. I look forward to implementing new processes as I introduce this system to my clients.
Name:Peter Boulton
Service(s) Provided: Customer Care Programme (CCP), Enquir3 Partners, Workshop (End User)
The Enquir3 Introductory Seminar was very thoroughly prepared, with a lot of information and a lot of reference material. I was very impressed with the presentation - it was so enthusiastic and detailed. I really enjoyed the workshop, I think this process is interesting and exciting and I look forward to seeing where it goes.
Name:Alan Fisher
Service(s) Provided: Enquir3 Partners, Workshop (End User)
The Enquir3 6 Step Workshop involved a very open discussion, in which the presenters were very forthright about all the details that make up this process. There is no doubt about the amount of imagination, thought and innovation that has gone into it the whole idea. It taps into an immediate need of most businesses to talk to their clients and find out what they really think of them - straight for the jugular in some ways! It was very interesting and relevant and the idea is absolutely brilliant. This should be done as a standard by every consultant and agency.
Name:Paul Radziwill
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Enquir3 Partners, Workshop (End User), Workshop (So What?)
I thought the Enquir3 6 Step Workshop was very well presented with a lot of information. The use of good graphics meant that it was easy to follow and there were two or three presenters, which provided more interest. The venue was good and the other delegates were also very positive. I have already recommended this workshop to other Business Advisors and the process to my clients. I look forward to introducing more business owners to Enquir3 in the future.
Name:Carole Houston
Town:Lytham St Annes
Service(s) Provided: Customer Care Programme (CCP), Enquir3 Partners, Workshop (End User), Workshop (So What?)
I went to the Enquir3 Introductory Seminar primarily to learn more about the referral partnerships side of the process, because I am already up to speed regarding the value of the client satisfaction interviews. It was a good presentation, with a variety of different speakers to keep everyone interested. The venue was good and centrally located for people travelling from most areas of the country. I already have a list of contacts that I want to introduce this to and I look forward to working with Enquir3 and learning more.
Name:John Minchell
Service(s) Provided: Enquir3 Partners, Workshop (End User)
What I liked most about the Enquir3 Introductory Seminar, was the system that has been developed to collect and process the feedback. I am particularly interested in finding out more about the referral side, because that's what I specialise in. I would recommend this to other Business Advisors as an add-on to their current offering.
Name:Jason Hager
Service(s) Provided: Enquir3 Partners, Workshop (End User)
The strategy and thinking behind the system. I believe it is THE best marketing methodology on the planet. The MD of Avensure agrees.
Company CommentBob, thank you for your kind words. Businesses are seeing impressive results by implementing the Enquir3 methodology. Long may it continue.
Name:Bob Harper
Service(s) Provided: Referral Mastermind Groups, Customer Care Programme (CCP), Enquir3 Partners, Workshop (End User)