Inspire: Know Your Customer

Do you really understand why your customers buy from you?

Your current customers will spend more with you and proactively make introductions.

Unlock this hidden opportunity by asking the right questions in the right way.

Take advantage of an independent review of your ‘customer engagement’.

This offer is exclusive to Inspire Members.

What you believe you are ‘good at’ vs what your customers truly value

Your Inspire Strategy Workshop will highlight opportunities to improve the revenue potential from your existing client relationships.

Is there enough value in your customer relationships for them to remain loyal, increase their spend and proactively refer you?

We received some really fascinating feedback. Generally our clients were extremely positive, as expected there were improvement suggestions.

With Enquir3 as an independent third part it made the internal discussions around these issues so much easier and the team reacted in a positive way.”

Duncan Game. IEW (Inspire Elite Member)

“We now have a thorough understanding of what our customers think about our services and we’re able to use that data effectively for the benefit of the business.  We are segmenting down our customers into bronze, silver and gold categories so that we can start to invest in our existing customer base as well as new business.  It’s all excellent. I can’t fault it.”

Jo Spry, SmarTech (Inspire Elite Member)


Why delay? Book your ‘Client Engagement Review and unlock the hidden opportunities within your business. Complete your details below and we will be in touch.

Inspire – Book Your Review

Remove the Guesswork from Your Marketing

Find Out What Your Customers Truly Value

Enquir3 work in close partnership with Inspire members to ensure they maximise the full potential of their customer relationships.

The ‘Inspire Client Review’ is without any further obligation on your part.

Should you wish to take things further and implement a full ‘Client Engagement Plan’ for your business we would be happy to help.

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