Marketing Automation

The Enquir3 toolkit has been designed to help you create the most powerful content, share it efficiently and keep your customers happy; all at the same time!

Testimonial Processing & Publication (TPP)

Testimonial processing and publication (TPP) is the automated process of collecting feedback and referrals. It provides the functionality for feedback and the follow-up process to be initiated automatically.

This self-service tool allows you business to fully manage the system and referral process yourself. If you do need additional support take a look at our entry level 'Audit' and the full 'Client Satisfaction Plus' options.

Here's some examples of customers using the 'Testimonial Processing and Publication' system

Feedback / Content Capture

Find out how to simplify your content creation.

Content Moderation

Enhance your content with keyword rich responses to customer feedback.

Referral Request / Reward

Automate your Referral Programme.

Service Taxonomy

Enrich your content with service specific testimonials and case studies.

Getting into the detail

We keep the techie-talk to a minimum, but if you’re interested to know how all of the different elements fit together, click on the icons below to find out more:


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