Mentoring & Supported Client Acquisition

What is included in Mentoring and Support?
First and foremost, the mentor, someone who has experience in working with clients and helping Business Advisors to successfully deploy the Enquir3 Business Improvement Programme.

Mentoring & Supported Client Acquisition (for 2 months) + Training + Documentation, only £697* (+VAT)

* Take a look at the all inclusive packages.

Carole Houston from Lytham St Annes

Your mentor will make themselves available for ad hoc support plus regular facilitated online meetings / conference calls all of which are intended to help consolidate learning, and avoid the potential pitfalls. 

The ad hoc support it typically delivered using a combination of telephone and email.  Group calls are conducted using an online screen sharing / conference call system where the number of people attending each meeting is limited to allow adequate time for all attendees to participate fully ask questions and learn from each other.

Additional mentoring is entirely optional. If you feel after the initial 2 months period you need additional mentoring your option are:

  • Pay monthly @ £295 per month
  • commit to a further 10 months at reduced rate of £2,500 (+VAT), a saving of £450.


Designed to maximise the probability of winning new clients quickly, three ‘Supported Client Acquisition Meetings’ are included in the mentoring programme*.  This allows the Business Advisor to make a supported ‘pitch’ to secure a client for the full process.  This typically takes place after the initial Client Satisfaction Audit.

Whilst initial client management meetings and related follow up work will take longer, the ‘norm’ is for the Business Advisor to spend 3 to 4 hours each month ‘on site’ with the client plus a similar number of hours spent working off site on co-ordination, analysis, planning and follow up activities.  As a guide, we recommend Business Advisors charge a minimum equivalent day rate of £750 per day.

Mentoring & Supported Client Acquisition (for 2 months) + Training + Documentation, only £697* (+VAT)

*Note 1:  If travel time and / or costs are excessive, i.e. greater than 35 miles traveling distance one way, or necessitating hotel or travel expenses on the part of the ‘mentor’ the expenses are charged at cost.

*Note 2:  A closers fee equivalent to 10% of all fee income for the first 12 months of the engagement is payable to the sales closer/ mentor.  This applies to consulting and all ancillary services sold to the client by either the Business Advisor or Enquir3.

Jason Hager from Bristol

If you wish to maximise your short-term success and achieve ‘Referral Ready Certified Business Advisor’ status as quickly as possible we offer a discounted annual mentoring bundle.

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