Marketing Trends 2021

Video content

How often do you see posts on social media, marketing something you don’t care about? If it doesn’t look interesting, we all scroll past it. Using a video for marketing is a lot more enticing for all viewers. You can tailor it more than a usual post which means that you are able to keep your target audience in their comfort zone – making them continue to watch the video. One thing to remember though when creating a marketing video, keep the quality high! Having a low-quality video if it’s either visual or sound, will make a potential customer leave right away.

Data Security

The more that time goes on; the more companies are realising that a data / security breach could happen to them. Now that a lot of us are using the internet more often and remote working, it is even more crucial that the data and security in your online presence is 100% safe. For example, if you have a contact form on your website that you’re promoting customers to fill in, you need to make sure that their information e.g. email address, phone number etc are safe.

Remote Working

Remote working is rapidly growing and will be here to stay for the future, so is your marketing team ready and prepared to make changes for this? It is time to focus your business more on online marketing and less offline. There are ways you can move your offline marketing strategies to an online presence. For example, if you use billboards or posters in the local area, you can use the same images / content but in an online poster in a PDF format so viewers can keep it if they see it.

Online Events

Holding your marketing events online may be something you already do, but now it’s time to make sure that all of your events take place online. Online marketing events are so much easier to promote than ones that take place in person. There is a much higher chance that someone will see a Facebook post than an email that could potentially got o their spam folder. Online events are honestly easier for everyone too as it is less effort for someone to take part. People don’t always like to admit it but we do prefer the easy option, and in this case, it is online. No one will have to catch a train, drive anywhere, or buy clothes for the event- it will be from the comfort of their own home where people are usually more openminded. There are many platforms that are free where you can create, host and promote your event on, so what’s stopping you?

User Generated Content

Has your brand got a community? Do you regularly converse with your customers? Using content that is generated by your customers can help to build a community for your brand. Any time you speak with a customer, it will boost your social media growth and brand awareness.

Encourage Online Connections

This is similar to my previous point about building a community and relationship. Have you ever considered creating a Facebook group for your customers to share concerns or any input? This can be useful as then your customers will feel more like a family and will be more likely to interact with your business. Encouraging online connections will only work if you become personal with your customers. Sending an email that just says ‘Hello’ won’t do any good. Consider using their name or preferred name when you are contacting them- they will feel like they are important to you.

Customer Participation

Including your customers is very crucial for great marketing this year. This can range from testimonials to polls, sharing concerns or even just for more information! Your customers will finally have the chance to contribute to your brand and create a positive culture for your social media presence. For example, remember when Coca-Cola had people’s names on the packaging? That is a great way to let your customers participate to your brans as well as an amazing marketing technique that can only go well.

Promote Ecommerce

Why is it important to promote Ecommerce for your business? Ecommerce brings a huge range of opportunities that a great deal of people don’t know about. It provides your customers with a 24/7 service to purchase your product. It is also important that you stick with the current trends so then you are keeping up with, or ahead of, your competitors. Online shopping is only growing more and more each day, and by far in 2020. So let’ make the most of it now.

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