How to Obtain High Quality Feedback

Every business owner appreciates the value of feedback, but quite often they can struggle to obtain any and if they do, it’s not always of the highest quality.

High quality, constructive feedback can have numerous benefits for a business including; improved customer satisfaction, customer retention and increased sales. Feedback can be used to make important business decisions and allow a business to reach its goals.

Here’s how a business can obtain high quality feedback…

1. Ask about the good and the bad

It’s great to hear how happy customers are and how pleased they are with your business, but there’s not much that can be learnt from these positive comments. By asking a customer what wasn’t so good will prompt them to reveal areas of potential improvements and allow a business owner to make important decisions which ultimately, could improve customer retention and increase sales.

2. Follow up on the feedback

If a customer takes the time to provide you with their feedback, then you should at the very least respond to thank them for their comments and let them know that their feedback is appreciated. However you choose to respond, the customer will appreciate knowing that their feedback has been acknowledged and what you will be doing to address any of their concerns or issues.

3. Get a third party to ask for the feedback

Customers may be more inclined to open up to an anonymous person, than to someone that works within the business. The feedback will be more genuine as a customer won’t feel pressured or worried about being honest. This also enables the business to concentrate on running daily operations and time to follow up on the feedback.

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