Improving Business Performance

As the boss you juggle, delivering what you do and getting paid come first and then there’s sales, marketing, people, red tape and admin. But growing your business is important.

Most business owners spend time and money on sales and marketing; websites, sales people, newsletters, social media and more…

Most don’t make the time or cannot create content. Which equals no marketing. Without content you have all the costs and get very little back in return. At best, lead generation and conversion is selling to strangers, but there is a much better way to grow a business.

Get a specialist third party to interview your clients. Discover who is happy and who is not. Then take the time to thank clients; ask permission to publish testimonials and clients become even happier. You can now ask for and receive more referrals and sell more to clients.

This process creates content for marketing, so lead generation and conversion improve and tools are are already paying for start delivering a better return.

Speak to any unhappy clients address the causes of dissatisfaction and happy clients won’t leave.

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