Nearly half of users have a bad reaction to ‘not secure’ browser warnings

People using the web have recently been put off websites that have a pop up message saying ‘not secure’. John Cabot stumbled upon this after finding out that 1,324 people living in the UK don’t feel safe when seeing this message. The same survey also found that this affects brand perceptions.

Since July 2018, Google have marked HTTP sites to be not secure, but Google didn’t realise that not everyone knows exactly what this message means. Turns out 47% of people don’t really know what this means when they see this message on a site and 64% of people in the UK said that they’d leave the site “instantly” if they see a ‘not secure’ message.

This survey also found that people began to feel fear if their search history would be hacked and sold.

These results found show that roughly half of the population wouldn’t blink an eye as the security warning.

If you wanted to learn more about non secure browsers, please take a look at the Enquir3 website at
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