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How accurate are your customer records? Or perhaps more importantly how ‘complete’ are they?

In order to understand the business opportunity each of your existing customers offers you need to know a little bit more than their name, address, email etc.

It’s well recognised that the more you know about an individual’s personal preferences the more likely you are to do business together on a one to one basis. Fair enough, knowing that I prefer dogs (a Labrador called Dennis) to cats might give a potential angle to someone trying to sell me a product / service.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you know what my particular business issues, challenges and opportunities are. Or how you (as a supplier) can help me address them.

We find many businesses (large and small, across all sectors) struggle with…

  • a clear, shared and unambiguous understanding of their ideal target market.
  • identifying  the people who really make and influence buying decisions.
  • recognising the key problems / issues / or opportunities that result in clients needing and wanting the services provided….in language the customers use.
  • establishing what sets the company apart, making them the only logical choice as supplier.
  • understanding the most important benefits to highlight for potential new customers.

Is your experience the same?

At Enquir3 we’re working on creating a series of workshops which help business teams quickly answer these questions… and act positively on the output.

We’ll share what we find and hopefully everyone can enjoy ‘a bit more business’.

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