Sharing Customer Service Stories: The good and the bad

We’ve all had those great customer service moments that we want to share with our friends, then there have been those times when we’ve been so outraged with the service that we want to make sure that as many people as possible hear about it.

What do you think gets shared most online; positive customer service comments or angry messages about terrible service?

 Unsurprisingly, a recent study found that 60% of consumers said they always share bad service experiences, compared to 46% saying they tell others about good customer service.

On social media, posts classed as ‘rage’ were most likely to be shared more times than any happy or positive comments. This means they spread further and more people are able to join in. If a comment goes viral, it can be retweeted, mentioned or favourited by tens of thousands of users.

Think of it this way; celebrities post hundreds of tweets, but as soon as they make a negative comment regarding service they have received by a company, it becomes big news with thousands of fans and sympathisers instantly jumping on the bandwagon. This can encourage others who have experienced similar to also start sharing their tales of bad service.

 Then there’s that 46%; those customers who are ecstatic with the service you have provided and even though their comments may not receive as much attention on social media, they are still some of your greatest sales assets.

A survey by American Express found that “word of mouth is most effective in influencing customer behaviour” with 2 in 5 admitting that a recommendation from someone they know is one of the key factors in influencing them into doing business with a new company.

Out of all of your customers, would you be able to identify those who are happy and those who are fed up? Most businesses assume they are providing great service, otherwise you would hear from those unhappy customers, right? Wrong – if a customer is unhappy enough, they will be looking for an alternative supplier and the only time you will hear about it is after they have left.

The Customer Care Programme from TMS does exactly that. By asking your customers for their feedback on a regular basis and analysing the results, you will be better informed about the overall rating of your business and have a constant stream of improvement suggestions to ensure you are making the most out of your business.

Find out more about the CCP here and if you could be eligible for a FREE trial worth £600+vat

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