Testimonial from Alan Perkins

Alan Perkins from SilverDisc recently gave his feedback on the service received from Enquir3 and the Client Engagement Audit SilverDisc undertook:

“Enquir3 are very flexible, for example, I’ve only just given Niki my contacts for July and we’re on 25th. She’s been very patient about that. We do follow the mantra that Enquir3 gives us; First of all it allows us to get a third party view on how our customers are finding us and raising issues that the customer may not want to raise directly with us. We do take the testimonials and put them on our website and share them on social media, and we look to turn them into case studies where possible, which all gives us persuasive content to get more people to do business with us. As an agency our clients used things like Feefo and Trust Pilot, and I think things like that are good for high volume B to C type situations such as retailers looking for product feedback and to get star ratings in their google ads, but for SilverDisc which has a small number of clients, and takes on clients who are relatively low rate, e.g. our own clients may sell to 500 people a day whereas we’ve got 50 clients, so in our case as B to B we think that Enquir3 is a more appropriate platform to use. It’s higher quality, low volume and that suites us and our needs much better.”

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