We don’t talk anymore….

Customers are desperate to give their opinion so businesses can serve them better (and stop wasting effort on activities which they perceive have limited value).

The trouble is we all rely too much on ‘remote communication’ rather than good old fashioned ‘talking to each other’.

Based on recent research (hundreds of interviews) we know that a third party asking two key questions will reveal significant opportunities to increase sales and profits which most businesses don’t even realise are there for the taking.

Simple questions really:

  • What is really great about this product / service?
  • What more could this supplier do to make your life easier?

Most business recognise the value of ‘client engagement / feedback’ but don’t maximise it. Often they shy away from direct interaction afraid of what they may hear, or have to deal with.

Who wouldn’t like to deal with increased sales and reduced marketing costs?

The reality is that if these questions are asked, and the responses handled in the right way, it will lead to:

  • Improved customer retention
  • More referral opportunities
  • All the marketing content ever needed (possibly)
  • Real consumer insight about how the product / service makes a difference.

All businesses should prioritise having a proper conversation with customers.

Right now, it’s a real point of difference between you and your competitors?

But remember. If you ask the questions you need to deal with the responses…all of them!

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