‘Why email surveys don’t work’

Even though here it says, ‘why email surveys don’t work’, there are many ways to still make your email surveys have an impact on your customers.

According to this other blog post (link below), as many as 99% of people getting email surveys can’t spare the time to go through and answer honestly. They have found that people done find the survey worth their time. It is also said that the ‘one-question’ survey is ‘devastatingly’ ineffective. This to me is because that one question can be too broad for the customer to try and answer so simply if they have had a complex journey with the company.

According to this next blog post, a lot of the surveys don’t work well because they may have a ‘dull UI’ (user interface). This could mean that the survey’s interaction with the customer is simply just boring. Your customers will do your survey if they feel that it is worth their time. So, you would have to make it interesting as well as having the right question, right amount of questions and making it worthwhile.

According to: https://blog.hubspot.com/service/best-time-send-survey there are good and bad times for you to send out a survey. To myself, this does make a lot of sense as it seems they have calculated when customers are most likely to look at their emails. This would be before work, lunchtime and evenings. This image below is using statistics from Hubspot.


This blog post also proves that the title is incorrect. That is true if you’re being specific but if you’re talking in broad terms, email surveys aren’t as efficient as other feedback techniques. They will only be worth your time as a business if you really specify your emails to your client base.

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