Working with Existing Customers

1. Identifying your customers’ needs:


Establish a strong relationship with your customers to be able to understand their needs. You could offer your customers personalised checklists to help them to pin point what they are exactly looking for from your business.


2. Investing in a good CRM system:


Having a good Customer Relationship Management system allows you to create many pathways to contact and create opportunities for all of your customers, this will initially make them feel a lot more involved in your business. This helps to build stronger relationship.

3. Customer Service:


Providing excellent customer service is a MUST. You can do this in numerous ways, these could be; phone calls, sales calls, satisfaction emails, polls, competitions and plenty more. This helps your company to grow its revenue and giving the customer what they need.

4. Satisfaction:


It is very important to not let this slide – this has to be monitored closely. This helps your business to be able to identify what your customers like and dislike – this could show where you’re wasting money and where you need to put more money into.

Again, this will result in additional revenue in the long run.

5. Being Reliable:


You need to be there for your customers and to be able to show them they mean a lot to you and your business. Otherwise they will just find somewhere else to go. It is important to be helpful and to be available when things may go wrong for a customer. Remind them that you value the relationship.

6. Engage with customers:


Keeping in contact with your customers will increase their chances to repeat purchase and increase loyalty and ‘customer life-time value’.  This will increase the chances of your business being referred to more people who may also become customers themselves.

7. Build a positive experience:


You need to be able to stand out in the market and to show off what you have that others may not. Show you can do more for the customers than other suppliers. If you want to keep your customers happy, loyal and engaged in your business.

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