Your Business Reality

The current reality for many businesses is…

  • Too many focus their marketing effort on activities with no measurable return.
  • Most agree that ‘cross selling’, ‘referrals’ and ‘word of mouth’ should be the easiest source of new business.
  • However, the main drive for business development seems to be on ‘new client engagement’ rather than leveraging relationships with existing clients*.
  • Most see the value of ‘feedback’ but don’t maximise it.
  • All business have become publishers of content, most struggle to create it.
  • We all ‘love a good story’ and every business should have many stories to tell.
  • The stories should come from the benefits the client perceives, not necessarily what the business believes it delivered.
  • If they start talking to clients* and they will provide all the stories you need.

*this would also include, ex-clients / known prospects etc.

Working with Enquir3 delivers…

  • A more engaged client base through generating cross sell and referral opportunities.
  • A longer term revenue stream through improved client retention.
  • Focus on how and where to improve the business (to cost effectively deliver the ‘right’ service).
  • As many stories as needed to support the key messages.

How is this done?

  • A portal is created to facilitate the collection and distribution of the customer generated content.
  • Selected clients (and other stakeholders) are interviewed by phone.
  • Email alerts are sent to the nominated contact after each interview is completed.
  • On completion of the calling cycle collated results are prepared for review.

All the business has to start the process is…

  • Send an email to the selected clients (typically 10 to start with) – based on a template provided.
  • Provide the contact details of the selected clients and the services they take.

What results might be expected?

Based on past experience we would guarantee that each pilot will generate a business insight which would lead to incremental sales opportunities, improvement / profit opportunities, or both. .

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

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