The power of an 'open' conversation

Business like yours face a range of challenges. Here are some examples of how Enquir3 can help: 

'You don’t know what you don’t know’ and our process always uncovers the truth.

In its simplest form….Creation of content

  • As business owners, we are told again and again that ‘content is king’. Without it, staying in meaningful contact with clients and prospects is impossible.
  • Assuming like most, you have deployed ‘various marketing tools… email marketing, PR, social media, SEO etc. but without ‘content’ the tools don’t work and cannot deliver a ‘return’.
  • To create content, you need to talk to your clients to create their success stories in order that you can keep telling your own story.

Note:  If they are being honest the suppliers of services such as email marketing, PR, social media, SEO etc all struggle to deliver value if they are not supplied with content.  All will be extremely interested on the CEA process and how the output ‘content’ can help them deliver increased value for you on an ongoing basis.

Being more focussed… Testimonials / Case Studies

  • Which sectors do you operate in…. which sectors generate the most profit?  (It is always better to be seen as the expert)
  • What service do you offer….(what are the key benefits your clients enjoy? (It may be obvious to you, but clients need to be educated).
  • With a sector / service matrix you can identify which need populating with client success stories that support your key sales messages.
  • Using the 80/20 rule will help you prioritise the limited number of slots on the matrix which probably need at least 3 case studies to look like a really credible specialist.

Which clients are truly happy, who is not?  Are there genuine concerns about the strength of your client relationships?

  • The average business will lose between 10-20% of their client base each year. (Let’s hope it’s not the 20% who deliver 80% of the profits).
  • So who should you chose to interview?  Human nature means you want to hear positive feedback.
  • Ideally Enquir3 will be commissioned to interview your ‘top x’ contacts over a period.
  • ‘Normal’ = 20-30% will let you know they are not totally happy with the service they receive.
  • Some may be really unhappy and on their ‘way out’

Is there is a cross sales opportunity?

  • Again, around 20-30% of respondents will makes comments like…. I didn’t realise they also do ‘x’.
  • Make sure clients are happy and then make sure they know what else you could do for them and you are likely to score some quick wins.

Do you need help to justify to some other decision?

  • Assess the need for customer service or other training needs?
  • Need third party evidence of satisfaction, for example for industry awards and PR purposes?
  • To test satisfaction and your client’s willingness to tolerate price increases?
  • To understand competitor positioning?

Watch out!  What ‘filter’ will be applied to the output?

Frequently, when an audit is commissioned by ‘Marketing’ staff may choose to ‘ignore’ improvement suggestions and exclusively focus on the testimonials.

It is essential that feedback is reviewed openly and any dissatisfaction addressed by discussing the issues, causes and possible resolution with clients.

The ‘Audit’ one of the three services Enquir3 offer.  Depending on what your client feedback looks like we would typically explore steps 2 and 3 below.  You could undertake some or all of this in-house, but in our experience, despite best intentions…  it simply never happens, but if you commission Enquir3 to do it for you, we guarantee you will receive an exemplary service.

  1. We conduct Client Engagement / Satisfaction Interviews, (so you discover exactly what your clients think you should focus on to improve the service they receive).
  2. We create success stories / marketing content, using the interview output with two objectives:
     a. To maximise the strength of your client relationships => improving satisfaction and retention, increasing cross sales and generating referrals.
     b. To create powerful marketing collateral / social proof to help with client / prospect communications, i.e. create documented success stories to support your sales efforts.
  3. We automate publication to make the content generated in 2b work harder with less effort.

We typically provide everything as a complete turnkey solution leaving you free to focus on what you do best…

Let's be honest, most businesses would benefit from the following;

  • Fresh and highly relevant marketing content.
  • Immediate 'cross sell / up sell' opportunities.
  • A structured referral process.
  • Quantification on underlying operational issues.
  • Enhanced processes for supplier selection.
  • Creating 'Joint Ventures'.
  • Understanding what your employees really think about your business?

Achieving sustainable growth calls for a focus on existing clients, most businesses struggle with this. The Enquir3 Business Improvement Programme ensures your business is focussed on the things which really matter to your clients. If they matter to your clients they will also be important to your prospects.

Click here to download this infographic | View recent Case Studies.

Client engagement, a guaranteed financial return

  • Accountant… retained client about to leave, generated fee income of £130,000 over 2 years.
  • Furniture retailer… client.. ‘we could triple what we do with you from £20k to £60k per month’.
  • Telecoms provider… upsold to 20% of clients. Increase in annual revenue with each client 225%.
  • Financial services provider… identified client prepared to pay additional £6k pa on retainer.
  • Manufacturer… 6 /10 clients unaware of the maintenance services the company offers.
  • Construction company… 80% of marketing was aimed at sectors who never purchased anything.

The Enquir3 programme delivers a host of business benefits including, Client Retention, Cross Sales, Referrals and Marketing Content.

It is your choice, 'individual support' or 'do it yourself' or part of a 'Referral Mastermind Group' - the Enquir3 programme will focus on;

  • Stakeholder Engagement: discover the real opportunities in your business.
  • Client Satisfaction: what is really going on in the minds of your customers.
  • Creating Collateral: the material you really need to create opportunities and close sales.
  • Communications: how to engage with your existing clients (and all 'stakeholders').
  • Dissatisfaction Drivers: what irritates your customers, and what you can do to address it.
  • Clarity of Message: ensuring you are speaking to the right audience in the right way.
  • Referral Partnerships: a real opportunity once your business is 'Referral Ready'.

If you would like to know more please email or contact us on 0207 100 5180.

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