This really happened..the result of one Client Audit

From the initial interviews across only ten clients the following was achieved...

  • Prices Increased: The real story is in the confidence and positive self-image re-enforcement on the part of the supplier who discovered their clients rate them as 5 out of 5 on all metrics, including ‘Value for Money’ after an extended period of service…  
    Result: Two fee Increases already agreed, and a third being finalised.
  • Client Dissatisfaction Issue Addressed: One otherwise satisfied client had a grumble regarding the fact that the contact staff only worked on their business one day per week, and as such, were not available 4 days of each week.  At zero cost and immediately, it was realised that the completion of all work in one day was simply for convenience on the part of the person doing the work.  It was no issue for them to switch to doing 2 hours per day rather than 1 day per week.
    Result:  Increase in billing, up from 7 hours = 1 day to 10 hours = 2 hours per day.  Cost of implementation = £nil, time taken to implement = one phone call.
    Client absolutely delighted, they had only make a passing comment, not even a complaint, so to have it addressed so efficiently and quickly delighted everyone.
  • International Expansion: One client commented that they planned to open an office overseas and ideally they would like to use the same company… 
    Result:  Our client opened a subsidiary and now benefiting from being able to offer UK clients a service to open up offices and provide necessary support.
  • Portfolio Expansion: Another client commented that they would prefer our client to provide extended services. 
    Result:  Our client acquired a small, specialist firm to expand their portfolio.

OVERALL RESULT: Client satisfaction, retention and referral opportunities improved.

Not bad for an investment of just a few hundred pounds.

An amazing ROI for an investment of only a few hundred pounds in one Client Engagement Audit.

  • Prices Increased
  • Client Retention
  • Portfolio Expansion
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