Referral Mastermind Groups (RMG)

Business owners expect Business Advice they really want Proactive Support

Generate new fee income within 6-8 weeks using the fully managed 'Referral Mastermind Programme'. Everything can be done for you and it starts with a 'Referral Mastermind Launch Seminar'.

Imagine a room full of potential clients giving this feedback...

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How are you going to tackle the biggest shake-up in the profession....ever... read more.

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By introducing structured 'Referral Mastermind Groups' you will;

  • Help Existing Clients Increase Sales and Profitability
  • Improve Client Retention by adding more value to the relationship
  • Increase Fee Income from Existing Clients (no increase in overheads)
  • Stand out from the Competition – Differentiate / USP
  • Generate highly targeted, scalable Introductions and new clients
  • Mitigate against the negative impact of MTD

As a proactive 'Accountant & Business Advisor' you will be looking for ways to create:

  • Added Value for Clients
  • An Additional Source of Fee Income
  • Unlimited Growth Through Referrals

What do Clients expect from their Accountant?

Tax advice and compliance as a minimum, plus they expect…

  • Help to understand and manage finances better.
  • Assistance with identifying and dealing with risk issues.

 …but rarely receive anything more than simple ‘compliance’.

What would business owners most value?

  • Introductions where possible to potential clients.
  • Pro-active advice and assistance.

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