Referral Ready - Priority #3

How clear and concise is your key sales message?

Would I find it easy to recommend you to others?... Really easy?

  • Is your 'message' consistent across all key media and personnel?
  • Does your website clearly identify your key target clients, their problems and solutions?
  • Does your 'marketing' talk about 'us, our company and our products'.....or the client and their problems?
  • Do you have a database of prospects and clients in a format that allows for regular email marketing?
  • Are you aware of the challenges in complying with GDPR?
  • If there is a database are prospects and customer profiled, needs identified?
  • Does the database identify why customers become customers and why they chose the company ahead of others?
  • Is there clear and unambiguous evidence of a successful track record, e.g. testimonials and case studies?

Tools for communications – are these appropriate and in place:

  • Website, responsive, up to date, with easy to use CMS.
  • Email marketing platform – what if anything is in use today?
  • CRM System – how is data grouped / segmented for communications purposes?
  • How frequently are clients and prospects emailed, how frequently are website updates made?
  • Are the key social media platforms setup and in regular use?

Audit – selection of parties to interview…

  • Looking to confirm satisfaction of advocates – identify and interview the happiest clients to get good sales collateral.
  • Clients with a success story to tell…  start of a process designed to create a case study, agree the ideal story from the outset.
  • General feel of average client satisfaction – need a sample for each distinct group.
  • Sales process feedback – interview newly acquired clients.
  • Customer Service perception – interview established clients.
  • If applicable – interview clients in final months of contract prior to renewal – to maximise renewal probability.
  • Cross Selling maximisation – identify and interview clients with greatest cross sales need and probability of sales success.
  • Referral maximisation – identify and interview clients with the greatest access to suitably profiled prospective clients

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