Referral Ready

Would I find it easy to recommend you to others?… Really easy?

  • Is your ‘message’ consistent across all key media and personnel?
  • Does your website clearly identify your key target clients, their problems and solutions?
  • Does your ‘marketing’ talk about ‘us, our company and our products’…..or the client and their problems?
  • Do you have a database of prospects and clients in a format that allows for regular email marketing?
  • Are you aware of the challenges in complying with GDPR?
  • If there is a database are prospects and customer profiled, needs identified?
  • Does the database identify why customers become customers and why they chose the company ahead of others?
  • Is there clear and unambiguous evidence of a successful track record, e.g. testimonials and case studies?

Tools for communications – are these appropriate and in place:

  • Website, responsive, up to date, with easy to use CMS.
  • Email marketing platform – what if anything is in use today?
  • CRM System – how is data grouped / segmented for communications purposes?
  • How frequently are clients and prospects emailed, how frequently are website updates made?
  • Are the key social media platforms setup and in regular use?

Audit – selection of parties to interview…

  • Looking to confirm satisfaction of advocates – identify and interview the happiest clients to get good sales collateral.
  • Clients with a success story to tell…  start of a process designed to create a case study, agree the ideal story from the outset.
  • General feel of average client satisfaction – need a sample for each distinct group.
  • Sales process feedback – interview newly acquired clients.
  • Customer Service perception – interview established clients.
  • If applicable – interview clients in final months of contract prior to renewal – to maximise renewal probability.
  • Cross Selling maximisation – identify and interview clients with greatest cross sales need and probability of sales success.
  • Referral maximisation – identify and interview clients with the greatest access to suitably profiled prospective clients

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Critical if you want to establish Targeted Referral Partnerships

Becoming ‘Referral Ready’ typically means you have the following in place.

  • Clarify your key prospect and client information ‘need drivers’: So your prospects can be sent information that is relevant to them and their needs in order to maximise close rates and cross sales.
  • Up-to-Date Customer Relationship Management System: The necessary fields need to be created and a focussed management push applied to ensure your staff capture key information so automated marketing can kick in.
  • Explainer Videos: These are very powerful in getting a complex message over in a concise, clear manner. Their ‘job’ is to say enough to persuade the person being referred to take a telephone call or agree to a meeting.
  • Case Studies: Targeted to specific client needs in order to back up and provide variety in support of proposals, to help referrers and to repeat the message of the Explainer Video.
  • Public Relations: Case studies make ideal raw material that can quickly and easily be ‘spun’ by a good Public Relations company to create stories that are newsworthy and result in great editorial.  Let us be clear this is NOT advertising, it is the interesting stuff people actually take time to read.
  • Website, printed brochures and other marketing collateral is ‘on message’: All the output from the previous stages become part of the core message…

With all the above in place your business is ‘Referral Ready’!

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