Enquir3 Process & Pricing

The Enquir3 services and associated prices are outlined below (all prices are subject to VAT).

Client Engagement Audit (more info)

Scope of supply:

  • Target interview with 10 contacts.
  • Creation of feedback portal to capture / distribute interview ouput.
  • Templates for contact details and notfication emails.
  • Up to a maxmium of 10 attempts to reach and conduct interview with each contact.
  • Email notication on completion of each interview.
  • Weekly progress summary.
  • Final summary report for review / agreement of next actions.

Entry level investment: £499.00


  • the entry level investment is based on a set-up fee of £99 and 10 contacts at £40 each.
  • this should be seen as the 'minimum' viable sample.
  • the recommended 'representative sample' would be 10% of the client base.
  • the set-up fee is waived on any subsequent batches of contacts.
  • the set-up fee is waived on any initial order of 30 or more contacts.


  • Any initial order between 10-29 contacts = £99 set up + No. contacts x  £40.
  • Any initial order of 30+ contacts = No. contacts x  £40.

What option does a business have after the initial interviews? (more info)

It is completely flexible. We want to ensure the business sees a ROI.

  1. Decide to  take no further action (there is always the option of coming back later).
  2. Implement an 'ad hoc' programme. e.g. a batch of client interviews every quarter.
  3. Implement a monthly programme of activity to include the creation and distribution of content.

Additional interviews

  • Charged at £40 per contact
  • E.g. a bundle of 5 contacts per month would be £200 per month.

Post interview: Content Creation & Processing + Managed Services

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