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FAQ Category: Enquir3 Client Engagement Process

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation refers to technology that can be used in order to carry out marketing tasks with little or no human input. Examples of such processes can be posting content to social media, sending mailouts or other website actions or updates. Enquir3 has developed the Testimonial Processing and Publication (TPP) process which automates the process…
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How can I integrate the results of the Client Engagement Audit into my website?

We are happy to say that we have a WordPress Testimonial plugin which allows you to display recent promoted testimonials in a responsive slider, alongside total feedback statistics such as the total amount of client recommendations. It’s very easy to install and use, to find out more go to link. Currently Enquir3 can also supply…
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What is the Client Engagement Audit?

The Client Engagement Audit (CEA) puts the focus back on your clients and what they really think about your business. By engaging with them via the CEA process you can unlock invaluable information about their experience with your business, highlighting areas for improvement, growth and in some cases, to prevent them from leaving.

What can Enquir3 do to improve my business?

Enquir3 have a multifaceted toolkit to help businesses improve their client relationships and retention. Firstly, Enquir3 will usually perform the Client Engagement Audit to properly measure how engaged your clients and customers are with your company and services. Following the results of the audit Enquir3 can assist you across either avenue: if your clients are…
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Why are Enquir3 calling me?

Enquir3 may be calling you on behalf of one of your clients. We gather feedback via phone calls as part of our Client Engagement Audit process to gauge how satisfied with their overall service their clients are. This is your opportunity to give a thorough and honest testimonial of their business to them so that…
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