Value Proposition - Why Your Clients Choose You!

Making your core messages clear, shared and consistent

You almost certainly know…

  • Who purchases your products and services.
  • What product / service your customers/clients purchase.
  • When customers/clients made their purchase.

But are you certain that you and your staff know the reason…. WHY?

When asked why, a typical business response is….

“Our clients choose to do business with us because we are a family run business who have been operating for XX years in the local area. We offer exceptional customer service and we really care about our customers….”

… the all too frequent ‘incontinent’ message => ‘we’, ‘we’, ‘we’, not focussed on clients.

If this is your business, is it a problem you need to solve?

If you are not clear on why your customers should choose to work with you rather than one of your competitors it is highly probable that your marketing is not on target.  This means you risk losing or missing out on sales to existing customers/clients and failing to maximise new customer / client acquisition.

How can your marketing efforts be properly targeted if you don’t have a clear, shared understanding of why customers/clients should choose to purchase and use your products and services?

To maximise referrals, it is imperative that you have a clear message: 

  • We help people and companies like this…
  • Solve these needs / realise these dreams, by…
  • Delivering these solutions and…
  • We are the only logical choice because…

Often a simple 'Explainer Video' is all you need to make it easier for others to refer. The example below was created by Avensure following their 'So What?' Workshop.

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