VFD Pro Partner Support Package from Enquir3

To maintain and retain their listing on www.vfdpartners.com suppliers need to meet the minimum quality criteria outlined below:

  1. The supplier must provide a sample of 10 clients* to be interviews by a third-party Client Satisfaction / Client Engagement Specialist to confirm they enjoy outstanding levels of client satisfaction. The results of these interviews, testimonials and quality ratings are published within their listing on www.vfdpartners.com
    (*For more niche suppliers with only a handful of clients the number may be reduced to 5)
  2. The supplier must monitor customer satisfaction and continually improve service levels. Evidence must be published and be updated at least quarterly on this website.
  3. Every time an introduction is made via the Virtual Finance Director, the quality of the service delivered is once again, independently verified.

To ensure businesses achieve these criteria Enquir3 offer the following annual support package to meet the minimum requirements outlined above.

 New Partners:
Launch Package

  • 10 client interviews
  • Selected testimonials published

£499 +VAT

Existing Partners:
Annual Maintenance Package

  • 6 interviews per year
  • 4 testimonials published (1 every 3 months)

£225 +VAT

Enhance Your Listing:
Case Studies

  • First case study (includes template creation)
  • Additional case studies
    £97 +VAT

See Example

Enhance Your Listing:
Video Content

  • First video (includes template creation)
    £125 +VAT
  • Additional videos
    £97 +VAT

See Example

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