Why Advisors Are Getting Excited

As a Business Advisor your key challenges are likely to be client engagement, client retention and building long term value.

The video clip of 'The Typical Client Journey' is an extract from recent review session with the Enquir3 Advisor network.

The Enquir3 Programme has been developed to provide a wealth of consulting opportunities which would readily 'add on' to your existing services.

Our aim is to facilitate a richer and more profitable engagement with existing clients and provide the input to assist in new client acquisition.

Following a structured implementation programme your clients would become 'Referral Ready' and develop a trusted network of 'Referral Partners'.

Whilst the Enquir3 approach will work with any business the optimum implementation would be achieved in the following scenario:

  • Business to Business
  • Repeat purchase relationship
  • Professional Services Provider
  • Large average client value
  • Substantial client base
  • Desire to develop the business

Join us on an 'Introductory Workshop' to find out more.

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