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It is 8 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep a current one

Do you maximise existing client relationships?

Do you really understand why your customers buy from you, why they stay with you and how you could help them to buy more?

As an independent third-party your customers invariably tell us things they don't (or won't) tell you.You can use this 'feedback' to address the things that cause dissatisfaction resulting in increased client satisfaction and increased retention. Follow up-the interviews to cross-sell and request referrals, generating 'free' marketing content and use some really smart, unique technology to automate marketing.

The programme starts with ‘Client Satisfaction Interviews’, normally conducted over the phone, followed by a ‘Client Engagement Programme' to maximise client satisfaction, retention, cross sales and client referrals. 

This creates highly relevant marketing content which also improves lead generation and conversion.

‘Structured Referral Partnerships’ deliver introductions to ‘prospects’ who match the ideal prospect profile in a controllable and scalable manner… your business would not want leads from any other source.

Julie Fountain from Eastley