Promotion of Advisory Services, Without the Sales Pitch

AI-Enhanced Business Finance Health Check

Unlock Opportunities in Compliance and Advisory Services

Increase Fee Income by Collaborating with Your Key Clients

A comprehensive Business Finance Healthcheck created for accounting firms to retain and upsell your best clients

Unlock Opportunities

Enable clients to discover a broader spectrum of your compliance and advisory services.

No Sales Efforts Required

Clients 'self select' and recognise the value of your services

Use Your Exclusive Link Anywhere, Easily

Send the assessment to your client list via email, integrate it into your website, or share it ahead of your initial meeting with a new prospect/client for comprehensive insights

“The most exciting thing I have seen for a very long time”
Steve Darnell
Director of VFD Pro (Virtual Finance Director)

Benefits to You and Your Clients


Clients Identify time-saving opportunities

You identify necessary compliance services


Clients see the benefits of high-level advisory services

You are notified of client led advisory opportunities

Key Benefits

Intelligently Identify Solutions

We recognise the distinctiveness of your accounting firm, providing a varied array of compliance and advisory services.

Each question links directly to the unique services you offer.

For instance, if a prospect/client indicates they aren’t currently engaged in goal setting but express a strong interest in doing so, it’s flagged as an opportunity to discuss further with you.

It will then present the opportunity, the range of  investment, and why it’s important to them.

Monitor Opportunities in Real Time

Our assessment analytics portal provides a breakdown of opportunities within each service.

For instance, out of 32 prospects/clients who complete the assessment in a month, you may discover 12 new bookkeeping opportunities, 21 financial forecasting opportunities, 14 goal setting opportunities, as illustrated on the right.

Benchmarking and Best Practice

We recognise the significance of staying informed and maximising the benefits of assessments.

We offer thorough guides, valuable resources, and frequent live benchmarking sessions.

By sharing proven best practices of successful firms, we make it easy for you to boost your revenue without the need for additional resources.

Integrates with All CRM's

We can help you integrate the assessment directly to your CRM, allowing you to have a full view of who completes your assessment, tagging or creating fields with their answers and opportunities presented.

How to Get Started

Book a Free Demo Call

Book a free demo call below and so we can learn more about your accounting firm, your offering and services, and how your own unique Business Finance Healthcheck may fit you best.

Sign up and Get Started

Fill out a simple form asking about your services you offer and the price range for each.

Leave it to Us

Relax as we create your Business Finance Healthcheck assessment. With options to use your own branding, tailored questions and feedback to align with your unique services and firm’s USP.

The turnaround time is swift, typically around one week.

Start Sharing Your Assessment

Use our 'quick start guide', along with a range of resources and templates, to seamlessly implement the assessment and unlock opportunities with new and existing clients.


Small Practice

Up to 250 clients
£ 79 (+VAT) per month

Plus one time set-up £995 +VAT

  • All you need to get started
  • Add your logo
  • AI Integration
  • 1 user included

Medium Practice

Up to 1,000 clients
£ 139 (+VAT) per month

Plus one time set-up £1,495 +VAT

  • Everything in Basic plus...
  • CRM Connection
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Up to 3 users

Large Practice

Over 1,000 clients
£ 199 (+VAT) per month

Plus one time set-up £1,995 +VAT

  • Everything in PRO plus...
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Advanced tagging & tracking
  • Up to 5 users


£ 99 per month + VAT
Plus one time setup fee of £997 + VAT
  • Up to 50 reports each month
  • Advanced AI personalisation
  • Bespoke branding done-for-you
  • Customised based on your services
  • CRM integration done-for-you


£ 199 per month + VAT
Plus one time setup fee of £2997 + VAT
  • Up to 250 reports each month
  • Advanced AI personalisation
  • Bespoke branding done-for-you
  • Customised based on your services
  • CRM integration done-for-you
  • Up to 5x firm owner/ team member links and modified outputs * Enable each team member to offer a unique experience through personalized links, allowing for customized outputs. This includes client-specific recommendations, direct booking links for further consultations, and more. For instance, if different firm owners wish to emphasize distinct advisory services, the system automatically adjusts the outputs to align with each owner’s focus, ensuring a tailored approach for their respective clients.


How long does it take to get up and running?

Once you sign up and complete the onboarding form, your quiz will be operational within 3-5 business days.

Can I change plans?

You can easily change your plan at any time to better suit your evolving needs and client base.

Are you able to change the questions?

Certainly. You can modify the questions yourself by logging into your quiz portal and clicking on “Content Settings,” or you can contact our support team via email for assistance.

Can it connect to my CRM?

We can integrate with any CRM system, including but not limited to Hubspot, Zoho, HighLevel, and many others.

Am I locked into a contract?

No, there are no long-term contracts or commitments.

Can we chat first?

Certainly. Please schedule a time here

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