The So What? Workshop

The most efficient way to ensure your business is ‘on message’.

Your sales message has to ‘shout’ about how you solve your client’s real needs better than anyone else…
otherwise you are pouring potential sales and profits down the drain.

Engage with your clients to establish what it is about your service that is most important to them. Begin to really understand how you improve their life through the use of your company, products and services.

If your marketing talks about you, your company, your services and what you do, then you have a big problem

Is your marketing ‘on message’, are you missing out?

Do you talk about your clients, their problems, their opportunities and how they will benefit?

  • Clearly identify and ‘talk to’ the clients you serve best.
  • Talk about them, their problems, challenges and opportunities.
  • Use their terminology not yours.
  • Show how you solve their problems or realise their opportunities.
  • Use relevant examples of how they could benefit, get other clients to ‘tell the story’.

The So What? Workshop© is a highly participatory group exercise where everyone has an important role to play. ‘Buy In’ is key to increasing leads, conversion and sales to both existing and new clients.

So What? Workshop©  – the benefits to your business:

  • Have a clear, shared and unambiguous understanding of your ideal target market.
  • Identify the people who really make and influence buying decisions.
  • Recognise the key problems / issues / or opportunities that result in your clients needing and wanting your service….in their language, not yours and ranked from most to least important.
  • Identify what you provide which address your clients most important needs or opportunities.
  • Identify what sets your company apart, making you the only logical choice as supplier.
  • Identify the most important benefits to highlight for potential new clients.

Every participant will collectively ‘own’ the output and those who speak to clients in a sales role will be better at helping clients and closing deals.  As soon as the revised messages are incorporated into marketing materials, emails, website, promotional material… the company can look forward to significantly improved lead generation and conversion.

Book now and unlock the real potential in your business for only £895.00 (+VAT).

Contact Daniel Plowright to book your So What? Workshop©on 0207 100 5180.

The ‘Explainer Video’ below was created by Avensure following their ‘So What?’ Workshop.

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