Implementation Example

Having powerful, unique content is great. But you then need to actually do something with it.

There are a number of ways you can maximise your content and it all depends on which strategy your business is running, but the best starting point is your website.

Here’s an example of how one of our clients, Iffley Turn Practice, is using their customers feedback to populate their website.

Iffley Turn Practice commissioned a new website to be built by IRUN Ltd, which included the additional Feedback and Referral functionality. This allows the business to direct customers to a form on their website which asks a simple set of questions about the service they received. They are also offering an incentive to further encourage customers to leave feedback and to refer a friend.

Once the feedback has been received, the business owner is alerted and they can login to their website to moderate the feedback. Moderating the feedback involves publishing and / or promoting it. They can also leave a company comment to respond to any comments left by the customer. This provides an extra opportunity to maximise fresh content on the site and to include relevant keywords for their business.

Once feedback has been moderated and published / promoted, it will automatically display in various sections of the website. This includes;

  • A dedicated ‘Feedback’ page, which displays all feedback received with a ‘more’ option, allowing site visitors to view all details of the feedback and any company response.
  • Feedback Summary blocks which provided a summary of all feedback left for the business and summarises the total ratings received. These automatically update as new feedback is added and published.
  • When moderating feedback, the business can choose to tag it to the relevant services (e.g. massage). This means that the feedback for that particular service will display on the page in either / or both the side column and within the content of the page.
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