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Enquir3 interviewed our exhibitors at the Corsham Business Show to gauge client and delegate satisfaction levels of the event. The infographic and the word cloud generator provided were great. Using a numerical score system on the reporting system gives a nice average of what's good and what needs working on, plus the further information was very useful. Enquir3 provide independent, really good information to take back to the board and the council enabling discussion about any improvements required to structure future events. As a result of the interviews conducted we will be overhauling our marketing, taking more time to plan the event, and advertising the speakers and workshops two months earlier. Our effort will be focused on reassuring future exhibitors of the audience and working to re-engage the exhibitors from this event.
Name:Stuart Pearce
Job Title:Founder
Service(s) Provided: Marketing and Sales, Client Engagement Audit
Very organised and efficient service.
Name:Philip Clark
Company:Chippendale and Clark
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Marketing & Sales
Enquir3 are very flexible, for example, I've only just given Niki my contacts for July and we're on 25th. She's been very patient about that. We do follow the mantra that Enquir3 gives us; First of all it allows us to get a third party view on how our customers are finding us and raising issues that the customer may not want to raise directly with us. We do take the testimonials and put them on our website and share them on social media, and we look to turn them into case studies where possible, which all gives us persuasive content to get more people to do business with us. As an agency our clients used things like Feefo and Trust Pilot, and I think things like that are good for high volume B to C type situations such as retailers looking for product feedback and to get star ratings in their google ads, but for SilverDisc which has a small number of clients, and takes on clients who are relatively low rate, e.g. our own clients may sell to 500 people a day whereas we've got 50 clients, so in our case as B to B we think that Enquir3 is a more appropriate platform to use. It's higher quality, low volume and that suites us and our needs much better.
ReplyThank you Alan, for your kind words. Alan Perkins if the Managing Director of SilverDisc. We are deslighed to be working with SilverDisc to provide them with a Client Engagement Audit, to help them understand the views of their clients and to identify potential opportunities from people they have previously worked with. SilverDisc is a digital agency providing effective, efficient and scalable marketing for their clients.
Name:Alan Perkins
Job Title:Managing Director
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Marketing & Sales
I think it gave us a very useful insight into the opinions that our clients have of us, and they were probably more honest because they were talking to someone other than us. I thought the process was controlled as we were quite hands off; Other than handing over the list of clients Enquir3 took care of the rest. It's given us an insight as to what clients think about us in a way they probably wouldn't have told us directly. It's also thrown up some common statements from the clients which has given us some action points, not just with those clients, but with others too, enabling us to improve our service offerings based on what they've said.
ReplyThank you, David, for your kind words. David Hailey is the Partner of UHY Hacker Young (Letchworth). We are delighted to be working with UHY Hacker Young and we were especially pleased to be able to help them to gain an insight as to what clients think about them objectively and in a structured manner. UHY Hacker Young (Letchworth) work closely with clients to ensure that their services are tailored to meet your needs with efficiency, accuracy and clarity. Giving you confidence in your finances is their primary goal, whether you are a partnership, limited company, charitable organisation or an individual.
Name:David Hailey
Job Title:Partner
Company:UHY Hacker Young (Letchworth)
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Marketing & Sales
I think what was good was that Enquir3 did everything for me. I didn't have to get involved in any of the chasing. Enquir3 made it easy. It's early days but it's nice to have been able to have the feedback from our clients and it's benefited us in that we know we are doing a good job; It's given us some confidence.
ReplyThank you, Joy, for your kind words. Joy May is the CEO of Absolute Works. We are delighted to be working with Absolute Works and we were especially pleased to be able to help them develop a thorough understanding of their service via feedback from their clients. Absolute Works make HR and Employment painless and stress free in much the same way, our team become an inherent part of the day to day running of your business.
Name:Joy May
Job Title:CEO
Company:Absolute Works
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Marketing & Sales
I've been having a conversation with Niki this morning with a few things we want to tweak at our end, and it's all been sorted which is really great; I'm really happy with that. The feedback Enquir3 are taking from our clients is a robust, well laid out process. I like the way that everything is done from Enquir3's end; We almost don't have to get involved at all but for giving information at the beginning, and the follow up at the end. The middle is all taken care of. We just see the emails pop up saying we have feedback. From the point of view of benefits we've received at the moment, we've had a lot more exposure through the Google reviews which is one of the two things we wanted to get out of the process. For us, finding ways to get clients to do Google reviews we've found quite hard, but the way it's been able to be tied into the Enquir3 process has saved us work and saved us hassle. Also, getting open and honest feedback from our clients is something we've struggled to do in the past, purely because of the time as we're busy and doing our work, so talking to clients and getting open and honest feedback has been difficult, but working with Enquir3 we're getting good feedback, but we're also getting open and honest feedback on areas we can improve. Talking to someone outside of Inca, people are more open and honest. We've had some glowing feedback and some really great bits with areas we can improve.
ReplyThank you, Amy, for your kind words. Amy Russell is the Sales Administrator of Inca. We are delighted to be working with Inca and we were especially pleased to be able to help them to gain more exposure for their business through customer feedback. Inca are a team of chartered certified accountants who specialise in providing financial support to small businesses, start-ups and private individuals.
Name:Amy Russell
Job Title:Sales Administrator
Company:Inca Caring Accounting
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Marketing & Sales
Enquir3 carried out a Client Engagement Audit for us. What I really liked is that they are friendly and professional people who use a measured and organised approach, and understand how they can add value to a clients business. Working with Enquir3 has provided three main areas of benefit 1) We received positive customer feedback in the form of testimonials that exceeded our expectations. 2) Where customer feedback has generated constructive criticism there has been enough information provided to enable us to act on this, and improve our relationship. 3) This has enormously helped members of our team to feel more confident about their relationship with their customers. Members of our team now feel empowered to have that conversation and be more proactive with their clients. The client facing people in our business are fee earning accountants, not necessarily natural sales people, so that kind of ammunition is really powerful for them.
ReplyThank you, Greg, for your kind words. Greg Stewart is the Head of Marketing for EFM. We are delighted to be working with EFM and we were especially pleased to be able to help them to collect quality data about their service to their customers and act upon it. EFM help companies create and execute growth plans based on professional experience, and manage funding and financial performance to maximise the value of business investments.
Name:Greg Stewart
Job Title:Head of Marketing
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit
I like the concept of contacting existing clients and finding out how they feel objectively. I like the feedback that we're getting from our clients. We've had some positive customer feedback and we've been able to utilise that within our marketing strategy, and when we've had negative feedback we've been able to address and resolve it.
ReplyThank you, Oliver, for your kind words. Oliver Shevki is the Director of Convergence Communications. We are delighted to be working with Convergence Communications and we were especially pleased to be able to help them to gather feedback from customers to boost their engagement and support. Based in East Anglia, Convergence Communications is a reputable business telecoms specialist with over 60 years of experience in the industry.
Name:Oliver Shevki
Job Title:Director
Company:Convergence Communications Ltd.
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit
I like the friendliness of the service. The idea is very good.
ReplyThank you, Simon, for your kind words. Simon Hedley is the Managing Director of Boughton. We are delighted to be working with Boughton and we were especially pleased to be able to help them to engage with their clients in a more meaningful way. Boughton are an established company that has been supplying the Amenity, Landscape and Construction Industry since 1985. They pride themselves in the service and commitment given to each and every one of their many customers for over 30 years in business.
Name:Simon Hedley
Job Title:Managing Director
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit
Enquir3 have this great infographic showing the traditional way of marketing, paying money on a website and going the traditional route with social media etc., then it was presenting a different way, talking to your clients, finding out what works and what doesn't, fixing what doesn't, and going back for referrals. It seemed to me more logical and more likely to work, so I put that into action with my own company. It was useful feedback on what works and what doesn't and, when I'm at the point that I want another client, I have the ammo to go forward and get some referrals. I got emails every time they got a response from somebody so that was very good. We have recommended Enquir3 to a couple of my clients. What I said was that it's a bit different. It's something you can use alongside your current marketing methods to market your business. One of them uses social media quite a lot as they have a website etc. to promote their business. The other is an architect so it's more about contacts, people you know and building relationships. I thought both of them could benefit from getting some feedback from their clients and taking a more structured feedback approach. It's a no brainer. They both have high turn over so it's such a small investment, and because of the kinds of businesses they are it represents a large portion of their revenue, so just to get the top 10 clients represents a large part of the business.
Name:Andy Cristin
Job Title:Director
Company:Pareto Financial Direction Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit
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