Network / Franchisee Engagement

The ‘Franchisee Engagement Audit’ provides the evidence you need to establish how well aligned your team is to the overall objectives of your business. The benefits of an engaged and motivated team are obvious, reduced turnover, improved productivity and efficiency – leading to a more efficient and profitable businesss.  An engaged network also leads to higher rates of customer retention and long term benefits to your business reputation.

Retaining & Attracting The Right Personnel

Unemployment rates are low and it’s a job seekers market. But are you putting the measures in place to ensure your key team members are not seeking ‘pastures new’.

Employee Retention & Engagement Statistics

  • The cost to employers was $14,900 for every hiring error last year (CareerBuilder)
  • Losing a good hire costs on average $30,000 (CareerBuilder)
  • It can cost 33% of an employee’s salary to replace him/her (HR Dive)
  • Cost of replacing entry level employees: 30-50% of their annual salary (ERE Media)
  • Cost of replacing mid-level employees: 150% of their annual salary (ERE Media)
  • Cost of replacing high-level or highly specialized employees: 400% of their annual salary (ERE Media)
  • Total voluntary turnover in 2014: 11% of the workforce (Compensation Force)
  • 75% of the causes of employee turnover are preventable (HR Dive)

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Understand the level of ‘Engagement’ amongst your network

The Enquir3 ‘Network Engagement Audit’ leads to an open dialogue an insight into the opportunities and challenges within your business.

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